Saturday 20 May 2017

Best bingsu place in Hougang you must try! (recommended for students)

Nunsongyee @ Hougang Midtown
1187 Upper Serangoon Road #01-14 The Midtown S (533971) 
Opening hours: 12.30pm - 11pm
(Open Daily, closed on Tuesday)

Nunsongyee @ Midtown Hougang 

Just a few minutes walk away from Hougang mall, you would see Midtown residences.
Under the newly-constructed Midtown Residences in the heart of Hougang lies the newest addition to Nunsongyee’s successful Bingsu Chain – Nunsongyee @ Hougang Midtown! 

Fully decked out in Nunsongyee’s signature décor complete with that familiar Korean hipster charm, 

Nunsongyee @ Hougang Midtown boasts of a spacious café that comes equipped with comfortable chairs, complimentary WIFI and even Power points to ensure that your gadgets will never lose power, regardless of how long you chill at the Café!  

Walk along the shops on the first floor, you would see Nunsongyee (: the best place to chill for students. 

If you’re already an avid fan of Nunsongyee’s extensive menu, you’ll rejoice when you scan through the menu at Nunsongyee @ Hougang Midtown’s menu as the Bingsu options are identical to the ones at Nunsongyee other outlets! 

During my trip to Nunsongyee @ Hougang Midtown, I was able to get my hands on 2 popular bestsellers; I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves! 

What I love about bingsu is that you can enjoy all the sweetness, while getting a much lesser portion of calories.

#### !!! (> . <) v !!!

1) Choco-Banana Bingsu

I had the absolute fortune to taste one of Nunsongyee’s most popular bestseller – Choco-Banana Bingsu! Served complete with Vanilla Ice-Cream, Chocolate Powder, Sliced Banana and Fluffy Shaved Ice, it is easy to know why the Choco-Banana flavored Bingsu is an all-time favorite!

Even though the various ingredients used to create the Choco-Banana Bingsu are wonderful on its own, they taste even better when used together! The plethora of tastes blends harmoniously together to give the dessert a hint of sweetness that is not too overwhelming (gelat) on the taste buds, making this treat a truly enjoyable one. 

2) Honey Butter Toast 

I also had the opportunity to try one of Nunsongyee’s Toast and I picked the Honey Butter Toast (HBT) as I have heard raving reviews about this particular dish! Served with a scoop of ice-cream with Caramel drizzle for taste on top of toasted bread sprinkled with Toasted Almonds, the Honey Butter Toast was an exquisite delicacy that lived up to my expectations! After gaining some insight on how this dish is made, I then realize that its wonderful flavor is the result of the careful attention given to the creation of this ice-cold snack. 

Not only is this #instaworthy snack made fresh daily in the kitchen and put together by trained Bingsu Chefs, each and every ingredient of this treat is specially and painstakingly imported from Korea itself; thus giving the treat a taste that that is authentically and uniquely Korean, unrivalled by Nunsongyee’s competitors. 

My verdict? Two thumbs up! 

It is unfortunate that I don’t live around the Hougang area which makes it impossible for me to make this Café my go-to daily café destination. However, for those of you lucky to live in the North East side of Singapore and within walking/driving distance to Nunsongyee @ Midtown, trust me and check this place out the next time your sweet tooth calls! 

Signing off, 
Kiyomi Lim 

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