Tuesday 29 March 2011

Jeanette - The demanding #%$^&

*written in my tone of voice with purposely broken english


I'm gonna blog about a day out with Jeanette.
She's such a demanding freak la !

Like that cannot like this cannot.

She keep saying like image ! image ! LOL, image got so important meh ?
Image is about myself what ! Not about what I act to be right ?!

WAHAHAHA, none-the-less she's still my best friend =D

This is her aka Demanding freak :

And two sets of examples why she is a demanding freak :

after she took this picture, she shouted "OIH, STAND PROPERLY LA"
ok, I changed my position unwillingly..

LOL ! 
& I did stand "properly"

Next ....

She came close-up and took this

Then, after she took this, she give me the "-.-lll" face and said "SMILE PROPERLY LA!"

Ok, then she took this :

After she took this, 
 she finally said "PERFECT"

LOL, and that's the end of this post ! =D

See you all again soon.

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