Tuesday 19 April 2011

Bambi Lenses (Princess Mimi Geo WMM-304) Review

Hi all !

This post will be about my Bambi Series Lenses !

I've currently changed my contact lens to Bambi Series Brown aka Princess Mimi Brown.
Princess Mimi WMM-304 (Brown) A.K.A. Bambi Lenses 

I've realised that the enlarging effect is comparable to 16mm's super barbie.
*It's 15mm in dia

It is an in eye enlarging effect though, although super barbie series are still 1mm bigger =D

Of course, I love the design so much more than the super barbie design.
It's 3 tone but it doesn't make you look like crocodile !
*I guess you know what I meant (: I was worried but, now I'm not ! Hehe

It's really really pretty and I'm wearing this design on a daily basis.

I guess I'll get tired of it someday soon too ! 
I will change to other designs and post up soon again ! Hhahaha.

So overall :
Enlaging Effect - 4.5/5
Design - 4/5 (Looks better in Pictures than in real life)
Colour - 5/5
Comfort Level - 4.5/6

I just can't stick to one design ! I believe many of you are like me !
So stay tunedddddd ~


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  2. i like them, especially the blue ones :3 maybe i should order some lenses of geo, too *~*

    ShuShu ♥

  3. oi oi oi oi oi ~~~~~~~~ is
    mylittleponyy.blogspot.com~~~~~~ hahaha
    anyway then event when at where arh?

  4. princess mimi geo lens looks awesome on ya! makes me feel like buying them hehe. :D
    very dolly!

  5. okay okay~~~ i going wahahahaha