Tuesday 7 June 2011

[Cosme-review: Dollywink Eyelash 02 Sweet Girly]

(did I gave you a shock?)

Through all the Dolly Wink I've tried, I personally love Dolly Wink 02 more than 01 !

I've tried Dolly Wink 03 but it doesn't suit my eye's shape (T_T) sadly..

- Start of Dolly Wink 02 Sweet Girly review -

Dolly Wink 02 is fuller looking than Dolly Wink 01 and looks more cuter I can say.

Dolly Wink 01 is much of Dolly look as well as mature doll kind of look as compared to Dolly Wink 02 which is fuller and more natural looking.

Dolly Wink 02, same with all the Dolly Wink Series, is very soft and light.

You can wear them on for the whole day and your eyelid won't tend to "sag" with double eyelid tools on.

Dolly Wink 02 can be worn on itself as compared to Dolly Wink 04 which brings out more of Dolly Wink 01 when combined.

My review rating on it :

Volume, 4/5
Design, 5/5
Length, 4.5/5
- End of review -

That's all for today's post ! See yah !

*psssst, I'm wearing Dolly Wink 02 and 05 in this post
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