Thursday 16 June 2011

[Cosme-review: DollyWink Eyelash 06 Baby Cute]

Hello all !

Today I am going to do a review on Dolly Wink 06 Bottom Lash Baby Cute !

It's really cutesy as it claims alright? (:

It makes my eyes look kind of big and amazing ! 

I'm also gonna show you all how to paste this eyelash on in this post by typing !

So try and visualise yah?

I've realised some girls they apply Dolly Wink 06 Baby Cute like this :

/ / / / /                                                     / / / / /

It will look kind of weird yah?

Some will paste like this :

- - _ - -                                                  - - _ - -

Hmmm, it's too straight looking ! 

Some will put on Mascara and apply like this :

- - -                                                         - - -

It will look kind of natural and defeats the purpose though I think it looks ok (:
*My point of view, of course

Lastly, here is how I recommend you all to put on your Dolly Wink 06 Baby Cute

\             /            \              /      
\   -    /                 \    -    /     

Hmmmm, do you understand?

Like slant down at the end, straight at the middle, slant up infront.

Look at my pictures and try out !

It will be better !

Okay, if you totally cannot understand what I am talking about above, I have a video on it :
*Please visit this link to check the video on how to paste these eyelashes on.

Review, Dollywink 06 Eyelash Baby Cute :

Volume : 4/5stars
-It's thick but it's still slightly sparse due to the design unless you add on mascara but that won't look very nice.

Design : 5/5stars
- I love how big it enlarges my eyes and it really makes me look cuter than ever! > <
- I like how unique it can be too, depending on what kind of make up you're putting on.
- There's many ways of putting-on these lashes so we can try out many different ways!

Application : 2/5stars
- It's too troublesome! I keep loosing pieces when I try to keep them/ put them on!
- It's not easy to put on as it requires lots of aiming and a never-shaking/steady hand.
- So be on your journey to train yourself to put on these lashes! Haha.

Overall : 3.5/5stars
- Love the design but it's still on the application part that took away a number of the stars it can have!

That's all for now.

Love ya & Byeee!