Tuesday 21 June 2011

Dolly Wink 06 Make-up Video.

Hi all !

I have decided to make a video on Dolly Wink 06 Baby Cute
because I figured that the previous post explaning it was a litte ....
not 'understand-able'


Hope you all will be able to get some tips from this video :

Now that you all have finished this video,

lets decide if it is worth your time!

Many many people don't really like Dolly Wink 06 because it is quite troublesome to put it on.
You have to stick it pieces by pieces.


same logic as you need to spend a long time to cook in order to get the wonderful taste and looks in your meal, putting on Dolly Wink 06 is really worth the time !


Reason being :
When you put on Dolly Wink 06, it makes your eyes look really sweet and cute.
*No wonder it's called baby cute.

Compared to other bottom lash like Dolly Wink 05,
which is the easiest to put on,
this one enlarges your eyes more.

Dolly Wink 05 have the more natural look that the 06 which has a more cutish and gyaru look.

Look at the comparison :

Dolly Wink 06 is also not restricted to the number of looks you can create with it.

E.g. this picture :

*I have actually enhanced the Dolly Wink 06 Baby Cute look
by putting Eyeliner on the Eyelash's Bone itself.

It's easy to drop these lashes and lose them easily so it's to be handled with care (:

So will you all try out Dolly Wink 06 ?

That's all for today ! Byebye !

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  1. the lower lashes are so cute~~~