Tuesday 26 July 2011

Movie Experience : TWISTED 撞鬼 @ Shaw Lido


I'm so gonna talk about this movie called Twisted that I've watched at Shaw Lido.
*This movie is NC16 !

-Please let me fly off point a little-

I don't know which person created this separate story thing in 1 movie which the 1st one 
I've seen in the market is 4bia...

Many many movies then carry on with this concept laa ~ Don't you all agree?

I'm quite Zzz about it, haha.

-Back to point-

Basi-cally, this movie is also separated into 3 stories !


The difference is that at least there's a little link in between laaaa ~

It's more like, a sequence of events happening to the 
people where by these people actually is connected somehow?! 


Aihya, I don't know how to explain sia. 
 *Go watch then you will know it's super hard to explain their connection !

Ok. Anyway, it's not that scarey.

Because it's called the HORROR ACTION COMEDY.


LOL, hahaha. So the only story that I'm scared of is the 1st one.

& only for 1 reason :
Because I am afraid of the dark Zzz
(I don't care if you call me a scaredyyy cat now..)
*Kinda weird since I'm a nocturnal kinda person...

Ok, some scenes are really funny alright?!

Also, I think although this movie isn't a MUST-WATCH, 
 it's still a GO-WATCH laa~

Because Must-Watch is like macham really 100% 
WAAAAA JAW-DROP that kind of thing.

This one is can laugh a little and stuffs.

But still, I encourage my readers to go and watch !
*If you don't like it don't blame me also, you have to see taste ma, these kind of HORROR ACTION COMEDY very subjective one..

The actor + actress + director talking about how much effort they put in to film this. I'm touched la! So GO-WATCH ok? =D

Hahaha. That's all for this review !

So will you all go catch it? =D

*Shaw Lido Cineplex is damn cool la, nv fail to surprise me, despite siting in front I still can see the screen unlike some other cinemas !

Special thanks to :
OMY.sg &
Shaw House


  1. Zzzz i don't like the sia dao siao, so I doubt i'll like this too :\

  2. The way the movie is separated into 3 stories reminded me of The Ghost Must be Crazy. But the 3 stories in The Ghost Must be Crazy are not linked.