Thursday 14 July 2011

Not so budget Kiyomi to a budget Kiyomi ~

*I haven't said this in a long time, but yah. Please click on my Nuffnang adverts to support me

LOL, I seriously think that my title is funny !

Why did I say not so budget in the beginning is because
I'm super budget from the start except that I've turned more budgetted T-T !

Ok, I'm starting to behave like an aunty (Oba-san).

Originally, I would stick to the plan of using my current moisturizer :

Which cost around SGD20-20plus only?

Which I find it really cheap compared to others! 
I love this one to the max.





due to $ constrain, I bought THIS this time round :

Zzz, which cost around SGD2.
*I say the price I also a bit paiseh (got budget till like that or not?!)

Totally, DIVIDE BY 10.

Although it doesn't retain moisture as good as the SGD20plus dollar one, 
it still moisturises my skin and doesn't make it peel !

That's why I've decided to buy them.
(Main reason is due to my $ constrain laaaa~)

Hahaha, so that's all for now. I hope you enjoy see-ing this stupid post !

I shall end this post with my "I am not fake" face ! Tyty ! =D

Bye-bye !


  1. Haas Good post, no fake XD

  2. haha funny post! actually a lot of lower price products are actually very very good and comparable to their more expensive counter one has to spend a million bucks to look like a million bucks =)

  3. you look so cute in your 'im not fake' photo ^_^
    Sucks to hear you have to downgrade our moisturizer! on the other hand it's great it still works well enough with no cons right?

  4. lol, im currently on a tight budget now :((