Wednesday 7 September 2011

Contact Lenses Yo~ !

Hahaha, yeash yeash, 

I'm wearing Super Barbie Sweet Brown. Dolly Wink 02 & 05 Eyelash. Used Melliesh Eyeshadow Liner and Dolly Wink Liquid Liner.

I am blogging about contact lenses today.
Seriously, I start this post super randomly because... IDK WHY!! T-T
*no intention of advertising for myself -____-

Maybe because I got new lenses! YIPEEE! 
My new lenses are freaking chio(pretty) can?! 

Haha. Because I have always been a fan of this brand Super Barbie Eye,
Post here:

So obviously I have ordered a few more ^^

AND ZOMG, their new packaging for their contact lenses are LEOPARD PRINTS!
*hail leopard prints, hail leopard prints... LOL, kidding!!!

& I have bought ...

Super Barbie SWEET series GREY ! ^^ Yay !
*I have worn the sweet pink and brown before! All uber nice! So not I've gotten GREY!

Next ....

Super Barbie FLOWER series BROWN ! Yipee !
*Bought this to wear COUPLE LENS! with my boyfriend cause he've got the FLOWER BROWN too!

Next next ....

Super Barbie LACE series Grey !!!!!!!!!
*I saw this design and I fell in love with it! So special! See see the model wear!!! Yikes! So pretty!

HAHAHAH, my 3 new pairs of lenses !
*It reached me only today because I came back from Malaysia early and my uncle brought it back for me^^

Jealous or not ?!

Btwbtw, I have seen EOS's Bambi Series!! T-T 
They used Tsubasa's Bambi as Picture then in the end the pictures LIED. 
I show you !!!

See see .... T-T 
I am right ! It's so different !

So if you all want Bambi Series and don't want to wear GEO (cause it's uncomfortable)
then you can buy Super Barbie Bambi also !! 
It looks EXACTLY(with a thicker rim only because it's 16mm) like the original !

Picture taken by ME.

Since I think every contact lens package will be BANNED and CONFISCATED
*So if it's being mailed here, like, if you're joining some spree or what so ever, please do not keep high hopes yah?

I TRAVELLED to Malaysia to ORDER and got these lenses back through the Aeroplane !
(in my uncle's luggage! HAHAHAH)

You can ask me to get them for you if you want! Super cheap! Only SGD18 each pair ^^

Up to you la ! Hhahaha

Okok, Byebye yah?

See you all again on my BLOGGGGIE ! ^^


  1. Can you get for me a black super barbie contact lenses, any one will do as long as it is nice to you and its black!!!

  2. Hello, the fb page is closed group, how can i ask you to get the lenses for us? :)

  3. hello! what is the email to ask u to get the lenses for us? thanks~!