Saturday 24 September 2011


Hey alll awesomes ! ^^

This post is super randomly about how I wear at home ! LOL !
Like a unglam max yo ~ ! LOL.

I randomly wanted to blog about this because after I took pictures for 's advert, I changed back into my at-home-wear & tied my hair up & was ALMOST ready to remove my make-up then an idea came up.... 

Hahahaha. I was like.. "Maybe... I should.. Hmmm... Blog about what I wear at home!"
OK, disclaimer, I don't wear make-up at home. Hahaha.

Its just that I just finished taking pictures so... yupp, I was STILL with make-up that I havent removed !

Okok, excited to know what I wear?!

So, basically, it's nothing special. It's my all time favourite anyhow-also-can-wear Fred Perry Tee with my primary school's shorts. Zzz. LOL.


 Awesome?! LOL.

You must be saying that I am shameless and disrespectful to show my at-home-cum-sleep-wear on my blog !
*But hey....... at least I'm with make-up O.K. !

This is freaking typical Singaporean to wear their P.E. Shirts and Shorts as sleep wear after graduating ok..
Awesome and uniquely SG yo ~ !

Hahah, how about you?! Do you do the same too?!!! 



*Randomly added the extra http:// LOL.

Okok, heyoh peeps, recently preorders seemed to have died down due to some LOW quality preorder items in SG's online blogshops!
& Usually people only trusts those blogshops with instocks and modelled by local models !

But...... local blogshops with instocks are ALWAYS expensive!!!! Rawr!

& Now it's A BLACK PANDA to-the-rescueeeeee ~~~
They provide HYPER HIGH quality preorders that FRET-NOT ! Alll items are AWESOME !


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They have limited (not very but quite...) selection for clothes but... SO WHAT?! LOL.
It's better than a HUGEASS amount of clothes for you to choose but 90% are awful isn't it?

The owner of the blogshop hand-picked these items for preorder to assure you quality!
Even if it's a little costly (for some items only) , but for the quality, it's FREAKING up-to-the-price !

Usually they costs SO MUCH MORE in retails please! LOL.

So don't waste your money in retails to buy these ! 

Preorder reaches in 2 weeks after preorder closes which I feel it's quite fast,
another awesome thing is that the owner YingQi is SUPER friendly and helpful !

She will never ignore you like me, sometimes ~
*hehehehhehe! sorry if I ignored! I was freaking busy! O levels are coming.. you know...

P.S. Sorry that I keep awesome-ing in this post alright, cause I am really in AWE of the AWESOME-NESS around me ^^

Seee ya !

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