Wednesday 5 October 2011

Darker Emo-tic Kiyomi?!

Hihi & here's my bohliao-est title again ....
"Darker Emo-tic Kiyomi?!" LOL.

No la, I just tried a more cool style than the usual cute/casual style.
That explains my title! Haha.

I spammed more eyeliner & tried more cooly poses as well as wore darker, more emo-tic looking top !
Hehe, plus blue contact lens and no blusher on!

More emo-tic right?!

Hahah. & I went out with this look to colour my hair at Real Salon recommended on Cynthia's blog.
I some how forced my boyfriend to come with me !

I had to bleach my hair to near white colour before I can put on blue dye to my hair.
To bleach to near white, I had to bleach my hair for 2 times !

So... yeap, this is how I look after dying my hair.
Basically it isn't full head blue, and luckily I didnt do that as the bleached part of my hair was Zzzz.... LOL.
Maybe because it was near white so my hair was really damaged.

I chosed the "already damaged" part of my hair to dye it blue so I was glad that I made the decision!

My boyfriend dyed his hair copper brown & rebonded his fringe which looked awesome!
So he no longer need to spend hours on his hair! ^^

Overall my BF did have a very pleasent experience there!

I would like to say something like, It's not MUST go but if you need a place to cut/dye/rebond/perm your hair at low cost you can go there.

It's more like, you pay for what you get in that place.

Some salons it's like, you don't even get what you paid for, lousy services at high prices.
So.. you still need to look at reviews on it!

Shunji Matsuo is more like you pay for what you get too.

E.g. "$100 for $100 stylist, $30 for $30 stylist, $200 for $200 dye, $20 for $20 dye" concept.
& I believe all of us wants to get this too.

You can't expect to pay $50 for $100 stylist right? Hehe.

It's like, I really hate salons who charges $100 for $20 stylist so please do keep a look out.

Overall I'm not saying that Real Salon is bad but more like, you pay $30 for $30 dye...
You get what I mean? Hehehe.

Overall it's worth the money & thats all I can say.

If you are interested in how to get there, it's at :

For more information you may want to visit their page here :

That's all for this post! See ya! ^^


  1. LOL not even emo la~ needs more black black blackkkkkkkkkk XD

    but it looks cute! 
    nice new hair~ ^^ my bf also has to bleach his hair 2 times to get the blonde he wants...maybe even 3 times @@" but his hair is still so HEALTHY ;( *jealous*

  2. Heh if you don't want to put blusher maybe you can consider using bronzer? And some nice black smokey eyeshadow!

  3. Where to get your top!!! 

  4. You still look cute! Haha not really emo imo.. but still the same kiyomi with more eyeliner! haha, i wish i lived in Singapore.. i could visit all the places you're recommending and talking about! so jealous~!! Oh wow, the bleach white looks good in your hair with the contrast to black hair ^^ the blue looks pretty cool too~~