Wednesday 2 November 2011

#AdelynHosehbo #AdelynBohoseh with Acquaintance #Pearlyn


Sorry but I know I have many international readers, this is a Singapore's insider story.
Disclaimer to my overseas readers: Please do not judge Singaporean teens based on this story. She's the black sheep. 

& I'm not proud of starting it in the first place.. LOL.
Blogging this because people are BLAMING the one who started this whole issue.
So yeah, come blame me. I wasn't the one who stomped but the one who lead it to a hit.
*Perhaps it isn't that bad since she gained so many followers in a day. LOL.

This whole #AdelynHosehbo #AdelynBohoseh and #Pearlyn was started by 
Me, @AadamCes, @Kiwiponv and @NanaHatsuko.

Ok, after the hashtag started, I kind of saw... other people hating her and created "@AdelynsHand
which I find it quite awesome too.

Ok, I swear I was kind of angry and rash to started this hashtag thing and trend it while my followers started retweeting and Adam's followers started retweeting and all their followers starts retweeting.

Adelyn's my friend's friend and I only realised after I #hashtagged her. My friend told me about her and told me that she's damn ashamed to be her friend because of what she's done and she told me Adelyn was a nice girl when she was younger.

Ok, then back to the story of how this thing happened. It's damn simple.

So I started "Lets trend #AdelynHosehbo if you feel sorry for her mother to have such a daughter" =/
because I saw the article retweeted by Adam on STOMP, it wasn't even a hit yet.



I know I was rash. I even said, "you think you got seh? if you kick your BF's balls and blasted it because he cheated on you, I would've said kudos". Then I started spamming tweets on her. Zzz.
Twitter peeps like @AadamCes retweeted and NanaHatsuko said that she should be 'bohoseh'. Then Kiwiponv started #AdelynBohoseh and AdamCes tweeted about #AdelynHosehbo and about her acquaintance #Pearlyn who slapped a girl at Cineleisure.
Things sure became big when people started asking what happened? and who is this #Adelynbohoseh.
We even tweeted "#AdelynBohoseh #COMESLAPME".
LOL, seriously........ 
Then I tweeted her real account : @AdelynHosehbo If you think you got seh, read this first. #AdelynBohoseh.

Ok, then this whole thing trended in Singapore for the whole night.
& almost all Singaporean on twitter is talking about it..... -_____-

Ok, I swear I really did nothing much alright? Just started this hashtag thing, that's all.
I didn't add fuel to the fire either.
I just retweeted ppl's tweet and tagging #AdelynBohoseh in when it still wasn't so popular.


Basically after this whole story I'm gonna talk about my views on this whole thing.
You can scold me if you want, I don't care. LOL. I'm just stating how I feel.

When I first read the article here: 

Seriously?! who in the freaking right mind would slap her mum then boast about it!
Harlow! It's not the 1st time summore (according to what she've written).
What's more?! Asking your mum to "Knn she should just fuck off and die".
Pu-leaseeeeee! How can you EVER say that about your mum?!
PLUS, according to what I know about her, her mum is a VERY GOOD MUM who tolerated all her nonsense ok?! 

However, I SWEAR I AM BIASED. Even if she DIDN'T slap her,
can she give her at least some basic respect?! Is it that hard?

After I tweeted about her and after #AdelynHosehbo became TRENDING in SG,someone started saying, "It's funny that people commenting about Adelyn is 80% Ah Beng and Ah Lian"

PLEASE LA! Even typical Ah Beng and Ah Lians KNOW how to respect their parents ok?
So what's wrong with that?
Must all Bengs and Lians be disrespectful towards those who love them? NO.

Credits / this is #AdelynHosehbo on Newspaper (in Chinese)

I seriously thought that things will cool down since I stopped tagging #AdelynHosehbo but things just BURNED. It didn't stop, this incident was even featured in the newspaper.
Ok, I know it turned out of hand. 

I actually regretted trending it this morning. I was thinking, "she's just 14.".

I stopped regretting it when I saw this :

All Stomp marked images are from


Plus, it is stated that Adelyn STOLE her mum's Jewelry and sold it for 6/8k then bought a LV Wallet?!

From showing off her "ill-gained" $6/8k

 I seriously cannnnnnnnnot imagine how a girl can do such a thing at that age.
I know there are others out there, but you all have to know that this is WRONG.

I know it's not right to only target 1 girl. HOWEVER, let this girl be an example for the younger ones out there, DO NOT disrespect or even SLAP your mother.
The consequences is not one that anyone can bear ok? 
I swear I, now, can't stop myself from hating her.

& again YES I AM BIASED. 

After blogging this, I won't add anything to the trend anymore, except for this post.
& I don't want know anything about her anymore. 
If I see her on the streets, I might just turn around and shake my head and that's all.

End of post.


  1. I know what she did was terribly wrong, I can't believe someone could do something so despicably horribly wrong.. but.. she's only 14. Her mum probably doesn't want to talk to her after the incident. Who can she confide in after all this mess, her mum? her "friends"? Her fans?  Sigh, I'm afraid she might not be able to take it and just jump down from a high building.. What has this world become.

  2. Scold mum = buay tahan already
    Slap mum = wtf the mum confirm heart pain like jialat leh.. your own daughter slap you, holy sh*t man ._."

    Wtf @ the jewelry stealing and then buy LV wallet thing. Wtf. Like can't she go find a job work part time ownself save up money and buy meh. Or wait until she grows up la. LV wallet only -_- not worth stealing.

    Lets hope that chao act-gangster ginna will change for the good bahs after this -_-" (though I have a feeling she won't until she grows up and becomes more mature and finally realizes the impact of what she did ~_~)

  3. I don't blame you for feeling that way. This girl ticked me off too, because of the way she treated her mom. No matter how angry or upset I feel because of my mother, I have NEVER EVER tried to hit her in any way, the rudest thing I did to her was to walk away or to ignore her.
    It's really atrocious to see the younger generation follow in her footsteps, especially seeing as what she did to her mother was downright disrespectful in the first place. I feel frustrated about learning that less and less people appreciate what their parents have done for them throughout their whole lives, and only concentrate on the negative things, such as their nagging or the way they discipline their children.

    Mothers only nag or scold their children out of love, and it's this very reason of 'tough love' that many people fail to reflect or think about. I apologize for writing so much, but yeah, I can pretty much understand how you feel. You're not the only one who's pissed off at her or those girls for that matter, I'm pretty sure other people feel the same way. Plus, you're not biased. :P

  4. She did stole her mum's jewellery but it wasn't 6/8k, but more than 10k, then she bought those branded stuff right. But about 6k was robbed by her friends. Her friends ain't that good either if that is true. Apparantly, she had gone MIA and not going home. I think she sort of admit she really did slapped her mum or she's afraid that she'll get into trouble from others?

    Hais, i know she's in the wrong but people siding her also kinda wrong right~

  5. get angry at ur mum oke lah.. but slap her??
    so mean... she gave birth to you and give u food and i bet ur mum gives u want u want already...
    slap mahh.. thats toooooooooooooooooo much to do..

    and about stealing the jewelery and sold 'em and bought LV wallet...
    stupid enough.. jewelery worth more than LV wallet girl...
    but i agree lah,. dont be in contact with her anymore..
    or else u might be caught in the same problem like her!!

  6. lol you're a joke, trying to gain credit that you started the hashtag because you proclaim you're famous and all? people would've started the hashtag regardless you started it or not.

  7. Yeah, one of my classmate told me cause he knew her. I heard her facebook deactivated alrdy.

  8. Ohya, i heard that her mum knew she steal and reported police but never charge her. Mother jiu shi mother, na me wei da!