Sunday 6 November 2011

Kiyomi's Choice, La Novella Studio.

La Novella Studio ! 

O.k. in case you all don't know... Novella means "a short novel".
Something like a short story? 
Life's like a short novel too, time passes really really fast and we barely have the memory to remember every single details in our lives. 
Sometimes... we may even forget how we look a few months ago if we don't have a memento, like a photograph, to show us how we looked before because we are changing everyday and changing too fast to notice these constantly changing little changes in us which will make a huge difference in the future. 
Taking a picture in a studio is very different from camwhoring yourself using your own digital camera because a studio allows the full focus of the picture to be on you or you with your friends or you with your couple.

All pictures in this post taken from Mass Pixification Party at La Novella Studio! ^^

Recently I've found a studio which is very affordable for teens like us.
I believe many adults forgot how they look like when they were teens because when they were younger, taking pictures in studio is a very expensive thing to do (unless you're talking about family portrait pictures).
To remember every change and details and date is almost impossible.

Therefore we SHOULD be daring to go take pictures of ourselves at all the best moments in life or even with our favourite outfits from time to time as our style changes quite a lot in different parts of our lives!
It's good to keep all the previous styles you've done before and compile them up to become your personal photo book and take it our to view once in a while as an inspiration and such.
The thing about studio is that you need a professional photographer who studied studio photography to help you take the pictures.

This is because studio's lighting's very complex & wide knowledge of it is needed to ensure the quality of the pictures.
Other than that, you need a fun photographer to help you take your pictures!
Obvious that we all wouldn't want those stern photographers to take these pictures for us, not only awkward but also stressed!

I feel that the most important is being natural and being yourself in a studio to shoot your "moment". There can be fun moments in the studio too.

E.g. bestfriend/couple shoots, you can take pictures with your bestfriend/boyfriend/girlfriend.
Not only that you both can pose in front of the camera, you both can also talk, chat, play in front of the camera. The photographer can snap all the fun moments you both had in the studio.
Their photographer will be able to take formal shots for you too, to frame up or to make it into a poster in your room. Those fun shots can be kept in an album and for you to view once in a while.
Therefore, you won't have to live in your memories by always needing to remember them and remind yourself when your friend is away for business trips and such next time, you can just view the pictures and move on till the next time you see them.
Or even, when he/she is back, you can joke with her and show her all the previous fun moments you all had and start talking about it.

People will change but the pictures and moments that happened before will not. 
I conclude that it is almost a must to shoot at least once in a studio.

At La Novella Studio, each hour is only at SGD40 with photographer.
*Whereby other places charge like SGD200 per hour?! 
La Novella caters more to teenagers like us, not only the prices but also the photographer! Lesser age gap!
If you've got a photographer friend who specialises in studio photography, you can also ask he/she to help you out and shoot for you, then the studio will only cost SGD20 per hour!

& Hello all photographers out there!!! 
Are you looking for a low priced studio to practise your studio lighting arrangements?
I know of some photographers who are practising these skills too,
so why go to those studio that charges SGD50 per hour and min. 2 hours which cost up to SGD100?

It's not needed, with SGD100 you can practise your photography skills for 5 hours straight!
Photography will no longer be as an expensive hobby as before!
*ok, i know camera stuffs are still expensive T-T...

& if you are already a skilled photographer, & is looking for a studio to shoot for your client, why not check La Novella Studio out (:



Here's your saviour! The La Novella Studio!
You no longer have to worry about where to shoot for your apparels
& being afraid that studio would cost a bomb and making you earn almost nothing.

There's La Novella Studio!
You can use their photographer if you do not have a professional one to help you out with the lights and such!
Without a professional photographer to set-up your lights, you may end up with weird looking pictures.
Usually professional photographers would cost A BOMB. However, La Novella Studio provides one with only an additional SGD20 per hour.
Meaning total is only SGD40 per hour!!
Do remember that you have a cheaper choice and choose them today!  

To know more info about this studio, click here !

Their facebook page here:

I hope you will have a nice session there! ^ ^

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