Saturday 17 December 2011

The Hot & Cold, The Cute and Punk ! (:

Advert : Magical Glitters 

Hi Everyone! 
On for some Christmas Shopping? (: 
Here's some apparels I got from Magical Glitters a while back!

Many many people really love this Little Dotty Peterpan Top I got from Magical Glitters 
and many have been asking where did I got it ^^ 

Do you like it too?

It's a really comfortable piece & gives a really cutesy look! 
Suitable for casual wear and for party look.

I really like it's special collar as it reminds me of a ribbon more than just a peterpan collar.
I think it's really worth the money for this unique piece!

Available in Milky White and Navy Blue! 

The next top I'm going to introduce is the Jack Union Tunic!
It's one of the best sellers at Magical Glitters. 

Really "Punk" looking isn't it?
Maybe at times you don't really want to have this cutesy look, why not try this look out! (:

It's a very cool top and I believe it's kind of unique too! 
I like the fact that you'll nv look fat and you'll never have to worry of bulky tummy after a huge meal while wearing this top! 
It's loose yet it will not make you look fat! 

Awesome piece! (: 

So do check out Magical Glitters for more pretty apparels!



  1. Cute! My favourite is the Little Dotty Peterpan Top :D

  2. I love the second top! And love your makeup too ^^