Saturday 10 December 2011

Hydrogel Masks! My fav. is their Slim V mask!


Recently I've gotten these Hydrogel Masks from !
& now I'm going to review them! Yay!

Slim V, Wrinkle Free, Bright & Clear, Snail Charm, Gold Power.

Bright and Clear is more for younger teens from 14-16 (:
I prefer using Slim V and Snail Charm. See below and know why! 

I am going to introduce 2 of the best masks from them! (in my point of view)
I personally love the Snail Charm one and the Slim V one.

The snail charm is one with special ingrediants that will heal your scars and soften your skin.
Effects isn't as visible after 1 time usage but you can tell the difference after a few usage.
However, after 1 usage, you can feel that your skin is softer and more moisturised!
Plus, it's not oily at all.
I went to buy more from watsons after I tried them from thesamplestore!

The next one is my favourite!

It's the Slim V mask! OMG. 
For this one, after 1 time usage, you can actually tell the results.
It's super super effective, I swear.
Your face will be visibly SLIMMER and much more V-er! LOL!

The best thing is actually all these mask will not leave behind an uncomfortable oily feeling on your skin.
These masks are made using the Hydrogel system and you can feel that the mask become thinner as time pass. Although they will not totally melt, but it's still awesome!

So what are you waiting for! Get your sample today!
& if you really trust my review, you can just fly to Watsons to get these masks!
*it's always good to try first yo~

Awesome yo~ ! Byeeeeeee !

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  1. Hello, just wanted to ask, how much does the Slim V mask cost? Like how much does one box of it cost? :)