Sunday 4 December 2011

It's Knitted Yo~ ! !


It's time for some blogshop's introduction again !

Today I am going to tell you all about !

Wonderdope takes maximum of 6-8 pieces per design to maintain exclusiveness ,
& they will mail the item out the next day after you have made payment for your order !
*Effeciency confirmed!

Next, if you shop with them,
there will be a chance for you to win SGD20 wonderdope shopping vouchers !!!! 

Wonderdope will also automatically add you into their mailing list if you've purchased from them.
No additional fuss for you to join their mailing list!

If you do not want to be in their mailing list, you can let them know.

However, it's always good to be updated with new collections and promotions isn't it.
What's more is that they don't spam mails to us! So only get the important and best deals!

-Enough of reading? Lets browse their apparels!-
*here are some that I like, however, 
there are more designs on their website :

This Jack Union Knitted top just looks so casual for everyday wear isn't it?! (:

This Daisy top is just awesome for times where you just need to glam-it-up !

A little touch of being retro and a little of being sexy and cute. Awesome choice for a collection that will never be off trend!

Tribal bustier top ensures that your boy or the guy you like to just keep looking at your and never wander off,useful isn't it?!

A reallly really sweet top! I love how black suits casual outings to town!

& I seriously love how pink brings out your cutesy look in a glam looking top that won't be overly cute for some of you!

I love this colourful knitted pullover as it's really cute and looks very very comfy! Knitted stuffs are so IN now! Be awesome with it before it's too late!

I always love floral tops isn't it. This colourful bustier top caught my eye as it will be real good for any events. Glam up with a blazer or chick up with a leather jacket, never outdated and forever awesome.

Here are some awesome clothes isn't it?
But thats not all, there are more designs here :

Do visit them !

&&&& not to forget, special treats for my readers isn't it?!

Mention/Quote my name "Kiyomi" for free postage!

Whats there not to buy since Knitted Apparels are super IN- trend right now


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