Saturday 17 March 2012

Dyna hair treatment in Singapore! ^^


-Warning: Picture heavy post~!-

I went for some hair event or I would say hair demo about a week back! ^^
& they were introducing or say explaining about these products from Dyna!

"Like" MUCOTA's fb page now to know where to get your hair done!
The stylist of the day is the Salon Owner of INITY in Osaka Japan~
He flew to Singapore with his assistant from Japan and Zoe-san just for this hair event!

I am not very sure what Zoe-san work as but I know that she was the translator-host of the day!
Where Master-san (The salon owner) spoke all the way in Japanese and she will translate it to Chinese.

This is Zoe-san~! 

She's really cool as she told me her parents are from Taiwan and they settled down in Japan!
Her chinese is super fluent and she Japanese is AWESOME.
She's really pretty too! 
I didn't have a chance to take a picture with her because my camera went flat~ T-T

Additional info (17March 8pm) :

Zoe-san told me that she's in the Sales for Dyna products (MUCOTA)!


So first (before the event), Master-san took a look at my hair and had a shock -______- !
The picture that he saw me in, I WAS IN MIDDLE-LENGTH HAIR!
& when he saw me, my hair was SO SO short because I chopped it off ! 

He didn't trim it much but asked the creative team of the event to dye it for me as he will be trimming my hair and giving my hair a new look and style in the event itself~

My hair was so frizzy then as I bleached it tons of times... T-T

So here's how my hair looked after the creative team dyed it for me! ^^


Here's some behind the scenes photos where Jasmine and I were looking through the "notes" to know more about the hair products!
& also to prepare ourselves for what is about to come!

& I almost forgotten to mention Wendy Ashleyyyy~ 
She's the actual host of the day & she intro-ed us to the crowd on stage!
She's super pretty and that she's a blogger too! ^^
Wheeeeeets~ to a pretty lady!

Additional camwhore photos :


So this is the setting of the event, I was to sit there on the stage and let Master-san do up my hair~

I swear I was super nervous

Hahahah, I think I look like a retard sitting there because I totally don't know what expression to make!
or maybe I should pretend that I am sitting up straight while sleeping or whatever!


Hhahahahahhahah, so I swear I was damn unglam because I have a VERY ROUND face
Unlike Jasmine who can just sit there and look glam throughout.


The area we had the event at didn't have any facilities a salon have.
So we had to travel a level up to wash our hair because the treatment cream/essence was applied
and we had to wash it off!

So we walked around with the towel on our heads.

& I swear I was freaking hungry because I didn't have breakfast and I reached LATE!

*kill me pleaseeeeee~

WAHAHAH, when Wendy saw this picture, she was like... 
"KIYOMI! you look like the mother in Church!"

LOLOLOLOL~ I know many of you are agree-ing to this now! 


& here's a picture of the super NOT-PROFESSIONAL-ME using my PHONE on stage
to reply my boyfriend. LOLOLOL~


Okay, so after the treatment is done~
I was invited to go down the stage and let people touch my hair!

Me, being super sua ku, I carefully touched my own hair too.... & guess what,
I was shocked -____- !!

My hair actually became SO SMOOTH like as if 
I had done rebonding that doesn't straighten my hair like 
dried soba noodles

LOLOLOL! Okay! Epicccc~ 

Honestly, if you want to get the rebonding effect but you don't want your hair to turn stiff and straight,
Dyna is a good choice and there won't be any rebonding damage done!

Also, Dyna treatments DO LASTS. I will talk more about it below.


Lala lala ~ lala lala ~ Elmo's world ~ LOLOLOL! 


Hahahahha, okay~ So here is Master-san, going to start styling & cutting my hair ~

& After he did my hairrrr~ I was so excited AND RAN OUT after the cloth on me was removed!
*because I didn't get to see how my hair looked at all!


After the event, we all had fun taking pictures~

ok pictures together!

& half-way through .........
So some pictures were grabbed from Jasmine!


& Here's Master-san's assistant! Keisuke-san!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jasmine was mentioning on twitter that day saying that he's handsome! ^^ AWESOME!
& Jasmine also taught me how to say he's cool in Japanese it goes like, "anata wa KAKKOI desu!"


So here is.... MASTER-SAN!


Okayokay, see this picture?

His clips and everything is still on his shirt when he took this with us! HAHAHHA~
He's actions and poses are VERY VERY cute~ I swear!

I shall go visit them when I go to Osaka Japan!

idk why this pic cannot see my eyes -____- SMILING TOO WIDE/THE FLASH/EVERYTHING! LOL!


Back to talk about the hair product : DYNA !

It's been a week now and my hair is still smooth. 
If I am not wrong, the effects of "rebonding" lasts for around 2 weeks or so~

You cant compare it with the 6months hair rebonding because this is a HAIR TREATMENT!
Some hair treatment products only allow your hair to stay nice for 1 day!

I really like the whole experience as well as the effect the product gave to my hair.
Everything is still awesome up till today!
The event was on 8th march and now is 17th already~ & my hair is still nice so I conclude that it's really good.

I am not very sure which salons have these products but you may google them or walk into a salon and ask, "Do you have Dyna hair treatment?" HAHAH!
*okay, the 2nd option may lead you to the stylist trying to persuade you that their prod is better..

Do remember to like their page here :


Basically that's all for this post ! ^^ 
I hope you've enjoyed reading!

P.S. I have broken this post into many parts because it may be too long and easily lost tracked~
Also, the post is too long and I have far too many pictures, I didnt' have time to edit ANY of the pictures.
So all pictures are NOT photoshopped.
Hope you don't mind!


  1. woow, your hair looks so shiny!

  2. Nope! It doesnt! It was soft and straight! Not stiff. For mine, it didnt last for long because i did it at a demo. Most likely cause we were time restricted. Lasted about.. 3months only.

  3. Hi hi. Does it make your hair flat? Also, how long did this treatment last?

  4. :O Your hair just got shorter!! It's cute ^^

  5. The new hair is so nice! : D : D I think it is always fun to visit a hair salon!

  6. u look much more cuter with the new haircut!

  7. Your hair got shorter, still adorable! XD

  8. I love your new haircut :)
    haha you're really funny as mother of church.
    Dyna is surely a good product

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