Monday 19 March 2012

WIGS はラブぽよ~!!!

あげあげあげ! ~


I just bought a new wig and I am loving it!!!! 

The past few days I have been tweeting at @KiyomiLim : about it!
Like mentioned in the previous post too! 

I have been so so so busy recently! 
*okay, I have never been free*

So many things to do and so on!

Hmmm, so I have been isolated and being alone all the time because I am doing my own things!
It's ironic that, when people are too free they say that they are forever alone but actually they just don't realise that their lonlier when their busy!
When you're too free, you can text anyone and WAIT for their reply.
Yet, when you're too busy, you can't text anyone!!!
& no one will reply you or message you cause you dont message them! *okay, that's my case*

When you're too free, people can't be 24hr free like you to accompany you too T-T.
Worst of all? When you're too busy, no one will come and "disturb" you for one whole day or even a week!

I have so so so many homework, so so so many work to do!
I can't even keep up to my hobbies! So what about my friends! GG123.COM right?!
I guess, my BF is the only one who texts me when I don't text him.

Honestly honestly, I rather use my barely visible free time on my hobbies than on my friends/boyfriend.
Reason being that I don't like to use SUCH LITTLE LITTLE time to chat or whatever then ending up needing to part the conversation or the meet up half-way through -_____- !

I'm not-all-holy and sometimes I blog as if I'm right in everything!
BUT this is my blog so I blog my standpoint right?!
My standpoint is like telling people how I feel from ym side and not from the FULL VIEW. -____-
Its just PLAIN thoughts and whatever.

The lighting is a little -___- for my wig! I was standing under the light! & it's shiny black so... ):

Btw, if you want to know where I get my wigs and how to buy the wigs, 
you may want to check out this post:

Hmmmm, that's all for this post and I will be annoucing the winner for the giveaway tonight on my 
facebook and twitter.. then I will post it up HERE tmr or something! ^^

Sorry for all the random shyttttts~ !



  1. The wig is so cute! : D : D You look super good with this hair style!

  2. Adorable~ Kiyomi, why you so cute? ;) And the wig is really nice, looks pretty natural too ^^

  3. Kawaii <3 The wig really looks good at you. You're so pretty

  4. aaaaaaaaaaaaah so pretty and cute ~ i would like to go out with you hiahiahaihahia =^w^=
    ♥ ♥

  5. your so Beautiful <3. iLoveit :)

  6. Your wig suits you reallllly well :D Cuteeeeeee

  7. So pretty! The wig does look really natural :3

  8. You look super cute!

  9. Thank you very much ^-^