Monday 30 April 2012

Childish or not? Not for you to decide.

I'm 18 this year and I've been through a lot not more than a lot of you but still a lot for me.

I live my life like how I want to and how I feel that I need to.
I don't think there's a need for me to please everyone.

& I am no longer blogging as what people "want to see".
In some ways, I considered myself as "stopped blogging".

Maybe just typing here may seem like I am blogging to you but to me, it's not.
Or say, not for some of you who don't want to read to read it.

I feel that, this is my blog so I have to rights to write whatever I want. It doesn't matter if I am mature or not.
A blog is just a blog for me now, just a log for me to state how I feel and "pen down" whatever I would like to say.

Childish or not? Who to decide?

I feel that no one have the rights to decide for you that you are childish or not.
Many people who points fingers at others does not know how shameful it is as 4 other fingers are pointing to yourself. What makes you think that you can comment?

We are all fellow humans, age doesn't define maturity.

If someone goes to you and say that, "hey you are so immature".
I think that the best way to reply them is just to shut up and let someone else go to them and tell them "hey you are so immature".

One can be mature in another's eyes whilst immature in another.

Generally, I think that only those that really knows what they really want in life and have confidence to live their own lives or to live "successfully".
Only if you have achieved something that MAJORITY can look up to, then you have to rights to comment on others.
If not, it will be better if you keep your mouth shut.

Many of you may have noticed, I don't write like how I used to, I don't randomly insert pictures or whatever to make sure people can ward off some boredom while reading my boring post.

I would just like to pen down how I feel and let me friends around me/ or those who concerns about me, read about how I am doing/feeling now.

I no longer read blogs of my fellow ex-clique or people that I don't feel like reading about.
I am happy living in my own comfortable space whereby I feel happy and enjoy myself.
I guess, this is the only important factor for living now.

I don't care how you look at me, I know myself and I judge myself, the rest is for God to see.
I will just keep doing what I feel is right and think positive to live my life to my happiest.

In my eyes now,
I have the best boyfriend I can have that no one else will have, someone that I don't deserve but God gave.
I know what I want to do in future and I have an aim.

I know what I should do and how I should live my life.
Isn't this the best results already?

I don't see why I need to go around pleasing others, I just need to love my family/friends/boyfriend.
I just need to show them care.

Many of you can stop reading my blog, it isn't important at all.

So please live happily too alright? If my blog/ my writing irritates you, just stop reading.
Your life might just turn out to be much more positive and you might be much more happier.

Goodluck to all reading this now and may God bless you.
Bless you to live to your happiest. (:

Take care.

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