Wednesday 11 April 2012

Incidents turns old and dies off.

Yes, it's about my life again. 
Hopefully all the hates will soon be gone and things are back to normal.

I've met up with new friends like Uncle Tehpeng and Vivian Lim and my "old" friend Jody! 
I don't have much things to say about where we went or anything but just a bunch of Camwhore photos ^^

I want to thank Tehpeng for always being there for me when I'm down, he's always tweeting me and asking if I am alright when I start tweeting those emotional tweets.

I want to thank Vivian for always always supporting me even when I fell out with pxdkitty and throwing tantrums around =/ blogging those things that are really really childish.
She still stood by and read my blog and supporting me without fail since a very very long time ago.

I want to thank this Jody Lim Pei Xuannnnn for always talking nonsense with me. LOL.
Always entertaining me with her "Lolers" (invented by her). Hahah.

Here's a video of Jody and I saying "Lolers"! 

Okay & yes! This shows how crazy I can be with my friends!

Bye! (: 

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