Wednesday 9 May 2012

[Just random thoughts: realistic and unrealistic dreams.]

everyone have unrealistic dreams. 

they just would like to achieve something that they know they cannot
or they dont possess the ability to do so. why are some people still holding on to them?
some of us are just being manipulated by others under influence from people regarding chasing our dreams. some people gives you false hope to make you feel that your unrealistic dreams will become real soon.
they manipulates your mindset through these kind of false hope and many people fall for them as well as influences their peers to fall for those false hopes.

e.g. competitions, sometimes the results were far planned even before the competition started.
however, the organiset would want to give you fale hope in order to "trick" you into doing your best for achieving what the organiser needs.

this is one type of stunts 'evil' marketers use to market their products, by making you join their competition while they sit aside laughing at how these unrealistic dream of yours achieve their goals. all they need is just a little push and you jump.

there are so many more examples of how people can make use of your unrealistic dreams to tempt you to do many things. personally, i dont like that idea. i am someone who hates the feeling of being manipulated.

realistic dreams brings you to where you want to go.
some of us just knows what we ourselves are capable of, but any of us dont.
so its a very thin line between realistic and unrealistic dreams.
however, during your chase in dreams you know you can fulfill feels different.
it feels like you can do it, its nearing you (though its still far).
i guess we just need to plan and know what are realistic and what isnt.
if you plan to be a singer and you know you got a good voice, go knock unto the doors of records company, if you cant get accepted though you know many will love you, go earn money and produce the album yourself.
but if you know yourself that you have no confidence, then dont do it.
chances dont drop from the sky.
if you want to get into a local university, its the same. you have to work hard and do everything you can acadamically to do it. dont hold on too much hope to any others things like CCA.

goodluck upon realising and fulfilling your dreams.

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