Monday 18 June 2012

Interview : Singapore Blog Awards.

I have been asked to do this interview on my blog! > < 
So I shall begin now~ 

1.    How do you feel about being one of finalists in Singapore Blog Awards 2012?

- Well, I thought that I didn't have a chance at all when I got the e-mail saying that I've got nominated. Since only the top 10 blogs will get into the finalist. 

- Now that I've got this great news that I'm one of the finalist, I feel really honoured and that my blog is some what recognised to a certain extend to be part of the finalist! ^ ^

2.    When did you start blogging and what drew you to it? Where do you get inspiration for your blog content?

- I started this of mine back in March last year. I wanted to share relevant tips I've learnt and do up reviews for make-up products/ skincare products. I also wanted to share whatever good food that I've found around me. I also started sharing "promotions" that's going on near me~ Or even sharing about blogshops.

- I believe in 'sharing and gaining'. To me, you will only gain if you share. 

3.    How do you feel about the other Finalists in your category this year? How do you think you will fare compared to them?

- Honestly, Benvoda~ Angie~ Joey~ are friends of mine that's also in this catergory. They are really awesome bloggers that put in lots of effort into that space of theirs. 

- Other bloggers like xkiyo~ Darren~ Lukey~ are reputable and I have heard of their blog before! 

- Other other bloggers like Fiona~ Carrie and Rachie~ have really cool blogs that are updated frequently too.

- Another blogger, Catherine~ I've not heard of her but I've looked at her blog~ The content is awesome but she haven't been blogging much! > < 

- I shall now judge my own space, hmmm, my blog is filled with my face! Hhahah! Okay, ya, #fact. I blog on random topics and most of the time not updated that consistently~ 

- Alright, I THINK I STAND A CHANCE! Wahaha~ Since most of us are on par~ So why not! Since all of us in the finalist must have some x-factor that captivated the judges' attention, so I believe all of us have equal chances of winning. So now it's only the matter of time to see which of us stands out during this campaign.

4.    Give a reason why readers should visit your blog and vote for you? 

- A reason only?!! I can give tons! Waha~ Okok, hmmmm, readers should visit my blog and vote for me because I am interesting and unique! I don't fail to entertain people when their bored! My blog is always here and if you're bored, you can always read back to realise something new. Reading is mostly to de-stress isn't it! To the very least my blog isn't those kind of emo-blogs that will make you "stress-er" HAHA! You can just read my posts and spend your few minutes (maybe while waiting for a train) with me! 

- Plus! I have pictures and videos here, so if you are bored from all the words~ You can also view my videos or look at those pictures of mine! 

- So if you want me to continue to entertain you with whatever I have or to do better~ You will have to vote for me to encourage me or to tell me that you're loving me/my blog! Isn't that so? 

- So people reading this now.... VOTE FOR MEEEEE! *rally~ rally~* 


Here's the link to the voting page : 
Don't forget to vote for me if you enoyed reading this space ok? (: 

Bye busy bees ~ 
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  1. *blush* you've heard of me! Lol. Looking forward to seeing you in the award presentation ceremony! All the best!


  2. Thanks! (: Glad that you love this piece!
    The quality is very good too. This piece can be paired with black heels/ a dull looking shoe that doesn't stand out!

  3. I bought it immediately after browsing ur older post & find that website last night. :) quoted your name & received discount. Super great deal. I m petite too so I didn't take long to decide after seeing you wearing it. :) tks! Btw what shoes did you pair with? You are my fashion icon!!

  4. Hi sweetie. Its from here :
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  5. i like your dress. it look really lovely on you. :)