Saturday 11 August 2012

[Cosme-review: DollyWink no.10 Eyelash]

So today I'm here to review on the Dollywink no.10 eyelash Sweet Cat
There are actually many points I look out for when I am looking for false lashes.
Mostly at the length, the volume and design. 

Here's some tips for those who does not know what lashes to choose:
You will need to first access the shape of your eyes.

If you have naturally long eyes, you would not suit those lashes that enhances at the back.
You can try those that enhances in the middle.

If you have naturally small eyes, you would not suit long lashes. You can try short and simple lashes.
It will make your eyes rounder and bigger.
It is wrong to think that long and obvious lashes makes small eyes bigger!

If you have natural round eyes, get those lashes that enhances more at the back.
You can also try longer lashes instead.

If you have droopy eyes, you can try using lashes that are not too long and enhances in the middle.
This will give you a 'lifting' effect.


Dollywink no.10 enhances/ focuses at the ends of your eyelashes.
It doesn't use a transparent band, but it really natural looking. It's quite short at the front too.

MasuwakaTsubasa's Eye with DollyWink no.10

I like how the design gives me a "romantic eyes" look.
My eyes instantly look gentle and demure.

When you need to go for some wedding dinner or hotel lunch, this is definitely one that suits the event.
It was supposed to give you the 'otona' effect -- to make you look classy and carries out the 'poise' for demure looks.

Length : 3/5 stars - It's natural looking and gives a dolly demure look.

Volume : 4/5 stars
- I love the volume the lashes! Not too little and not too thick. Beats many lashes I have.

Comfort level : 5/5 stars
- It is soft and very very light in weight. 

Design : 5/5 stars 
- Sometimes, I would feel that my eye make-up is overly casual and not suitable for certain situations.
Where I need to look a little more gentle and matured for that event.
These lashes will definitely be my first choice when I'm needed to attend such occasions.

*The stars does not represent some kind of overall rating but a rating for the individual feature.


Where to get these lashes?

Watsons sells these lashes at SGD24.90 at the Kawaii Corner. sells these at SGD21.90 (:

You all can choose where to get them, because if you are in a rush to get these lashes, you may want to choose to visit Watsons.

If you all choose to get them at Shoponblog, the waiting time (to reach you) would be 1-2days** after payment, which I find reasonable too!

**for Singapore address only.

Remember, only purchase them if it suits your eyes! > <

Dress worn above is from DamselindisDress :


  1. your eyes is so pretty

  2. I love this lashes.. Hope I have this soon.. Tq for ur review.. Love u. >.<