Thursday 27 September 2012

[Cosme-review: Brigitte Romantic Lip Gloss (RS-1 Rose Pink)]

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This is my very first time writing an actual review on my blog regarding lip glosses. The previous posts on Melliesh 3 in 1 lip gloss was more on why is lip gloss needed and more of a brief introduction instead.

I used to feel that I might not have tried enough lip glosses to write up an actual review on lip glosses.
I now feel that I am pretty much 'qualified' to do so as I have owned many of these to know what is it that I am exactly looking for in a good lip gloss.
You might, perhaps, be able to see more upcoming posts on reviews of various lip glosses in this blog of mine.

I hope that my review will allow information seekers find what they are looking for in a product instead of blindly following the trend.
Queue-ing up for a stall with a long queue might not necessarily let you find something that suits you.

Welcome to my blog and I hope that you all will find what you are looking for in this space of mine.

-Basic introduction-

Brigitte is by Rola, a very popular Japanese personnel.
I believe many of us would have seen her in popular Japanese magazines and on Japanese variety shows with her adorable expressions.

Brigitte's slogan is "girls be romantic".

Their romantic prologue is:
"An attractive woman has mature beauty and sweetness.
You can make it happen only with Brigitte.
Shining eyes, velvet cheeks, brilliant lips.
Loveliness and confidence
Girls be romantic!
A little sweet tips to your everyday makeup!"

Brigitte romantic lip gloss is a shimmering lip gloss that creates a glamorous,moong lasting lacquered effect for the smoothest,most delicious lips. Jojoba Oil and Olive Squalane keeps the lips moist.

Their official website is

- Review -


Pigmentation : 5/5 stars
It has a very strong colour, covering your natural lip colour very evenly.
I love how it brightens up my lips instantly. It can be used without a lip concealer of lip stick as a base colour.

Ease of application : 5/5 stars
Just one slide - starting from the middle, the lip gloss glides on evenly without the need to paint on the lip gloss.
No patches were seen even though the viscosity is pretty strong.
It's easy for touch up as well as direct application.
However, I strongly encourage the use of lip balms before application.

Lasting effect : 5/5 stars
This lip gloss lasts all the way from the moment I left house till my first meal of the day outside.

Comfort level : 4/5 stars
Honestly, I have not met one lip gloss that I would rate 5/5 stars for comfort level.
What I can say is that, even though this lip gloss is quite sticky and thick, it doesn't irritate me but keeps my lips moist all the time.
Moisture is important to me because I am someone who is always smiling when I meet someone, so when I smile with this lip gloss on, I need not worry about cracking lips or peeling lips at the end of the day.

My lips with Brigitte's lip gloss.


Glossiness : 3/5 stars
This lip gloss may not give a very glossy or pump-ing effect to your lips.
It is like a light colour on your lips that give a luscious shine that isn't too glossy. The glossiness isn't doll like but more of a basic glossiness.

Shimmers : 3/5 stars
This lip gloss only provide a very very light shimmer to your lips.
However, if you are not looking for shimmery lip gloss, it should be a problem.

Colour : 4.5/5 stars
I love the colour for this lip gloss.
The colour in the packaging (on the tube) is darker than the actual colour that will surface on your lips. This is quite common among lip glosses.
This colour is obvious, very pinkish and stands out.

Other factors,

Price : SGD 18.90
It costs slightly more than usual lip glosses in the market.
In my opinion, it is worth paying for. The quality lives up to the price.

Packaging : Sweetly Mature.
The packing of this lip gloss would make a very good edition to your make up pouch. The lace design portrays an elegant sweetness while the black cover shows a matured yet simple design.

Country of origin/ manufacturing : Made in Japan.

- My opinion on the product -

- has a very strong colour
- ease of application
- doesn't leave stain on your lips due to lip stick's colour.
- keeps your lips moisturized.
- casual, not very glossy for everyday wear.

- not suitable for people who are looking for lip gloss to apply without make up.
- doesn't give a dolly look to your lips. (matured and natural looking)

I really really like this product and my personal rating is up to 5/5 stars.
I love how easy the application is and how lasting the gloss is.
I think that the fact that I don't need to use a lip stick as base is a plus point to this product as well.

It really depends on what lip glosses you all are looking for.
I might get a few more different lip glosses to review on.
However, the most important thing is to find one that you like!

I love the colour of RS-1 Pose Pink as it gives a slight shine when I want it.
It is not suitable for every make up.
If I want to go on more of a nude make up, this colour will definitely look awkward as it is somewhat pinkish and bright.
When I go on a light casual make up, this will definitely be my first choice.
If you have not tried this brand and range of lip glosses, do try it!
I strongly recommend it to you all~ trust me!

I am looking forward to try their Pink Beige (ピンクベージュ) colour soon!
Shall purchase it and talk more about it here as well!

This is the end of my review! I hope that you will find this helpful!


This product can be found in

Haraju-Cute! Corner in Guardian Singapore.

Their Facebook page:

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