Friday 9 November 2012


When I used to hear this phrase from GAG on TV, I couldn't really understand why do someone have to cry out to their mum and shout "Mummy! It's over". While in GAG, 'it' is referring to the show. Yet for me, 'it' is referring to my O level examination. I've finally understood what kind of feeling it is, when 'it' is over.

Right after my very very last paper, I've got this sudden 'lost' feeling instead of feeling totally elated.
The first question that came to me was, "so what's next?"
Well, I know that the answer is work. Still, there will be a sudden change to this mundane life.
It's as if I'm at the airport wondering what will my new life be in an alien country.

Although O levels is not a very pleasant experience for me, I've actually enjoyed it.
Sitting inside Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves cafe, having coffee and cake, sitting cross-legged on the chair, studying.
Some people say that studying is tough and boring, yet through these days of studying, I've learnt to enjoy it.
Studying is so much more relaxing than I thought it was. It feels like I'm reading a novel from first page till the last page of it's sequel. Sitting somewhere relaxing, all alone. Perhaps, this is the alone time that most of us have been craving for. Studying is never stress-free, though.

Being through all these time of isolation from people who used to be around me, I've got to see things much clearly too. There are many things that I've come to understand.
When away, I've got to look at many things from a third-party's perspective, and I've gotten a clearer picture. I've also got to see that who really cares and who doesn't.

All that I wish for now is that I will be able to get the results that I wanted, that I've worked so hard to try to obtain.
I wish all of you who just finished examinations best of luck too. Have fun in your future endeavours.
For those who are having exams, please persevere. Your results is in your hands and your life is in the hands of your results.

Live well.

Signing off,
Kiyomi Lim

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