Monday 26 November 2012

Recent updates! Kiyomi's Youtube!

How have you been all my sweetie pies?
It really has been a really long time ever since I last posted here.

I will be focusing more on my youtube channel these days and will start blogging less.
When I blog something, it would be posted on my facebook about it, so that you guys can stay updated about this space.

My blog have being much more personal than before, which I really hate this change.
It makes me feel to insecure about posting here, showing things from my sentimental perspective.
I would prefer to do more updates on my youtube instead.

Of course, if there's any advertorial to be posted here, I would be more than glad to update.

I've left my 'full-time' job and I will be pursuing LCCI diploma during my holidays instead~
So my life would be so filled with studies! T-T
*No time to waste*


I've updated my YouTube account 2 times this week!
One with my review on my latest circle lenses and one about my 'look of the month'.

The review on circle lenses is sponsored by
The lenses that was featured was

My look of the month is about Christmas! > <
It's the Harajuku high cheek blush cutesy look~ and cutesy puppy eyes.

It's super suitable for dating especially the brown eyeliner!
Not only that, this whole make-up is featuring Brigitte Blusher and Eyeshadow!


 I did an interview with Mundane Euphoric as well.
They are a group of passionate students and I believe that they will surely taste success in time to come!
They are really friendly and I was glad to be able to help them out in their project~

Do support them by reading their blog, and make it their 'success' ~ ! 
Here's their blog link :

Video of the interview I did with them :

Written by,
Kiyomi Lim


  1. I love your eyes.. so pretty..want them too

    xoxo Wengie

  2. Where did you get the small eyelash curler?

  3. Hello Angela, I've gotten it from