Monday 6 May 2013

[Advertorial: Haraju-cute always!]

Yo babeh yoh~ (^ ^ ;)
How was my attempt to show off a cool stunt?

I'm finally talking about the Haraju-cute corner again.
This sweetie corner have been providing me with abundant cosmetics to perk up my looks!
I bet everyone agrees that make-up does make a huge difference to our looks isn't it?

Here to show you guys some awesome goodies I've gotten from this corner in Guardian.

They gave me the cosmetics from the tip top rankings on the shelves in Japan itself!
It has been selling like hotcakes there~
Ermmm, ya! If you guys have seen my latest *well not so of date* video on Harajuku look, you may have noticed some of these products featured there.

It's true that it isn't wise to just buy anything that is popular but they are popular for a reason!
They do have an awesome shade and shimmer that you cannot find anywhere else.

Hence.... do visit this corner for your all year round shopping for the latest products from Japan!

I love Haraju-cute, so how about you? <3 nbsp="" p="">

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