Friday 25 September 2015

Hotel Review: Dong-Shan Villa, Yilan, Taiwan

This review will be purely on Dong-Shan Villa. 
& this hotel might just be the best one to visit in Yilan or Luo Dong

First and foremost, some facts about Dong-Shan Villa

Ratings - 
3 Star Accommodation

Location - 
Far from Taipei, within the National Center for Traditional Arts

Nearest Railway Station - 
Luo Dong 

Check in and Check out timing -
Check in: 4pm (+8GMT)
Check out: 11pm (+8GMT)

*** Please take note of the timings as I went there too early and the rooms were not ready > < 

"Not your usual 3 star accommodation"

1. Cleanliness

The cleanliness level would be a 

There may be some room for improvement but I have got to say this, 
the toilets are sparkling clean. 

You won't get bed bugs or bed sheet with stains.
The room is clean and comfortable.

The toilet looks newly renovated too.
(Despite me being put into the "oldest" room they have)

2. Atmosphere

The atmosphere is peaceful and you can feel a piece of how the local live there.
A good substitute to experience their lifestyle if you're not too comfortable with homestaying if you're bringing your kids or parents along. 

3. Room designs

The rooms are equipped with photoshoot-quality walls and setting.
No worries if you are thinking where to take OOTDs, the hotel room is the best place to be in.

The beds are awesomely comfortable too!

4. Overall design

The design of the hotel rooms are classic.
They have really nice brick walls and walkways. 
Quite spacious, I love it. 

5. Breakfast

To get to the breakfast cafe, it may take a slight walk up a gentle walkway.
I saw many old grandparents making their way up.
It may take some time for them to walk, but they seem to be happy to do so.

Their food for breakfast is good too. 
Quite surprising to taste such quality food although it all seemed home-made.

6. Lobby & Customer Service

Well, the thing that I'm probably not the most happy with is their lobby.
Its a small registration space with not much area to explore or rest or even walk around.
There is a computer there for you to use and that's roughly it.

The people there tend to be more "crude" in the way they speak, 
so please do not take them too seriously as they don't mean it.
This is their usual tone and they don't variate much. 

They are very helpful people! (^ ^)
They would call a cab for you anytime you need it.

7. Convenience 

The convenience level of this hotel is legitly... almost 0. Haha.
There is a nearby 7-11 but it closes at around 6pm.
Well, this can be justified with its quiet and pretty atmosphere suitable for families with young children

Its also a 10 minutes car ride to Luo Dong Night Market 
which is a good experience to try out some interesting delicacies. 

Side-track, the night market is a good mix of food and apparels for sale.
Its not bad, but its just not the best one I've been to.
Still recommended. 

Apart from the Night Market, it is situated within the National Center for Traditional Arts.
In which, it allows you free entry (that would usually cost NT200 to enter).
The area is usually not flooded but slightly crowded with "tourist" that are from other parts of Taiwan.

That is all for my review.
I would recommend this place for anyone who wants to have a feel of the real Taiwan.
Get out of that busy city and go chill to take a break, relax!

How to get there from Taipei:
1. Please take a train to Taipei just in case you are not there. 
2. Ask around and walk to the Bus station located in Q mall
3. Go to level 4 straight after you reach the bus station.
4. Turn left to the bus ticketing counter, purchase your tickets to LUO DONG 
5. Wait for your bus timing to be called. 
6. Check your seat number as it is not free seating in Taiwan.
7. You should reach LUO DONG in 1 hour or so. 
8. Alight and turn left, walk to the bus station, then take a bus called Taiwan Tourism.
You can take a cab straight after you alight, it should cost you NT200
9. Alight at National Center of Traditional Arts, and tell them you're walking through to Dong Shan Villa.

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