Friday 18 September 2015

Short getaway: Taiwan

As many of you guys would have known, I am now in Taiwan... 

Having my short getaway from the stressful city 
to a peaceful province of Dong-shan (Dong-shan Qu), in Yilan, Taiwan.

It took me quite long to get here and had many hiccups along the way.
There were bad exchange rates in Singapore from SGD to NT, 
whereas for Taiwan, it was slightly better but I was charged admin fees for the NT purchase. 

However, sitting at the "hotel" lobby right now (its a typical 3 star villa), made me feel kind of peaceful. Although thoughts of school, people and money still bugs me, I believe that it will slowly dwindle off as I accustom myself into this land of simplicity and calmness. 

Thankful that this place isn't a complete tourist attraction with tourists all over the place, 
it seems to me that I can have a good rest here. 

I guess I will sign off now, but check-in will happen at 4pm. > < 

Will be blogging real soon! 

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