Sunday 13 September 2015

Watamiiiiiii =D

Ello Bello! 

What's the MOST CONVENIENT yet AWESOME Japanese Restaurant in Singapore?
It's definitely unchallenged, it's...
WATAMI > < ! 


My favourite food there is Salmon sashimi. 
I've been to many restaurants in Singapore and many salmon sashimi (s) were disappointing (T^T;)
The salmon here is great with great quality Wasabi that is rather unchallenged in Singapore!

Hence, you should definitely try the Salmon Sashimi Don! 

Well, there are many other foods there such as ...

& They all tastes great! 

I hardly find a restaurant that is good in almost everything they have.
Especially if its a CHAIN restaurant!

Hence, if you are looking for a convenient place in the North, South, East or West of Singapore...
Watami should be a good choice for you. 

You can check them out at:

& Last but not least, their membership is the best thing ever.
You pay $30 and you get $30 worth of food plus, discount every time you go there.
Why not right?

Hmmm, and I'm going to Taiwan this coming weekend, I'm super duper excited > < 

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Seeya~ ( # ^ ^ # )

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