Saturday 26 March 2011

Donate to Japan.

Hi all,
here to share only an experience.
no pictures ahead but will post again by tonight.

Yesterday, I went to seven eleven and there a box for donation to Japan.
I only had $20 with me and spent around $17 at seven eleven.
I donated the rest of my $3.

When you are rich, $3 may seem nothing to you.
But when you're in my situation, you will understand how big $3 is.

Yet, I chose to donate this amount to Japan.

The amount of money don't count, but it's the heart that counts.

Please donate people, how much you have left if your pocket, you dont have to donate all like me. You can just donate around 1/4 that's left.

There's so many donation cans around. Please just drop some amount inside.
Not for show, but for Japan.

As I know, there are donation cans at many places.

One of them is Cawaii Koohii (Donation Box)
And all of the Seven Elevens.

Once again, please donate to Japan. Please.

*P.S. and in Cawaii Koohii, we donate all our tips to Japan every time we work, none of us will bring home any tips during this donation period. 

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