Thursday 24 March 2011

AMK Hub Fashionista !

The long awaited post !

The AMK Hub Fashionista which I've participated in !
I admit that the make-up artist made me looked too 'gorilla' ! =D

*The mannequin is scarey (T_T)

The kids were super cute ! Love max !

This is William and Shaun !
Read them :

Leslie ! 
The Winner ! My BF's ex PE teacher !
He teaches English and PE !
He hosts ! He's damn coooooool !

Also, he created this style called the "P.R.U. rock".
He created it ON THE SPOT !
for his bonus point, he sang a chinese song to his mum & also made a poem for girls !
P.R.U. (People Rocking U) Rock Events: where the people are rocking with u.

Thi is Asrita ! My senior from Yio Chu Kang Secondary School !

And I also admit that I chose some freaky clothes !
*I didn't win, but the winner is AWESOME

Teehee, that's all for now !

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