Wednesday 23 March 2011

Reviews on Blogshops I've visited.

* Word heavy.

Hi everyone !

Here is a review on the Singapore's blogshops that I've visited.

Hmmm, I myself have a blogshop but I'm still an online shopper.

I love the stuffs that I can buy online and also I'm a lazy girl that is lazy to go shopping.

As a shopper, I also understands how other shoppers feel.

So here are some review on blogshops. (Review)
I rate this blogshop 2.5/5
Why only 2.5 ?!

Ok, they have super fast delivery.
But some items are just so lousy !
*WARNING : Please do NOT buy cosmetics/beauty tools from here.

I regretted buying things from here because it does not help,
eyelashes I bought from there, totally dirty and cheap.

But seriously heed my advice, you can buy stickers or notepads or boxes.
BUT NOT COSMETICS. You will regret 200000%.

Okay, I don't want to talk too much about it.

I rate is 4/5

Ok, prompt delivery but delivery fee is expensive.
Bought BRA from here and others.
BRA size not very fittable.
But all the others are great.

Good quality and branded stuffs.
I love it. (Review)
I rate 4.5/5

Where does the 0.5 goes to?!
It went to the expensive price of the products.

Other than that, everything is nice, pretty.
Prompt delivery and e-mail updates.

That's all for now, I might just do up a few more ! =D

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