Wednesday 23 March 2011

Why I chose this path.

Hello all,

This is like a personal post? =D

More on like describing my situation.

Sometimes I understand that I shouldn't post too personal stuffs on my blog as the audience are not totally my friends but I just want to post this.

'This is my blog, I should do anything I want with it'

Okay, here it goes.

Why have I decided to stop schooling?
- Because I can't bring myself to go to my school anymore. Not that I can't wake up on time, not that I want freedom, not that I hate school. It's because, I don't know how to face people. The people around me in school or you can say, I don't want to face my past. I'm not giving myself an excuse but I really want to escape from that torment.

What am I doing since I'm no longer schooling?
- I am taking my private O levels. Reason is stated above. I know there are so many cons on taking private Os, E.g. if I score 12 and another person from a government school score 12, the poly will just choose that person from the government school instead. Or even when I find jobs, people will ask me why I take private Os or look down on me because I take private Os.
- Yes, I know that's bad about it, but I believe if I study hard and better better results, I can still admit into the poly into the course that I want to take. With my diploma, I want to go to University a Government University then, no one can look down on my Private O levels certificate anymore.

Who is paying for my school fees and exam fees or even daily allowance?
- I am paying them myself by working while studying.

Is it tough?
- Yes, but I will still carry on. I know I can survive this stage. Once I've got over it, I can carry on with a better life.

Can you still buy what you want rather than only what you need?
- No. I can only afford my own meals and bills.

Any other difficulties you faced?
- Yes, someone at home stole my money and I had to start from 0.

What does your parents think about your decision on taking Private Os?
- Basically, mum does not know about this. Next, my dad cannot have a say as in the end I was the one calling MOE and paying my own fees and stuffs. He didn't even give me a cent.

Since you say that your mum does not know about this, do you think that she will be disappointed?
- Yes. She will. I have troubled her so many times to see the principle due to the problems I've created. She even asked the principle not to expel me, yet I came out with this decision that I didn't even discuss with her. In another fact, I chose this school this path and I regret. She'll definitely feel worst.

How will you face your mum if she have found out about this?
- I will avoid her. I do not have the courage to face her.

Why did you dye your hair?
- I wanted to relax. To me, the most relaxing time is when I'm doing my hair. I like sitting there and wait. And I knew that after I dye my hair for this time, I won't have the money to dye it again.
- Also, I find it pretty =D

That's all for now. I know this is really wordy.

I won't mind if you skipped this post (:

Take care !


  1. Lol.. u are just trying to get attention...

  2. Hey, I know my comment probably doesn't matter but I think there's nothing wrong with you doing so.. Either stop schooling, stop studying all together, study the wrong things. Whatever.. As long as you have a way to support yourself in the future (opening a business or modeling doesn't require papers). Good luck to you and stay strong!

  3. sorry to ask , but whats with not being able to face your friends? what exactly happened ? mind sharing ?

  4. Oh dear, you have the same problem as me. I don't know how to face my friends either but i really want to study. I had also created lots of problem for my parents, eg meeting teachers or the principal. All the best for you!! :)

  5. Hi Kiyomi, don't worry i really understand how you feel, it's horrible but no one could understand the entire feeling unless the person went through the same thing as you. I quitted school two years and enter Polytechnic after taking Private O's. My result ain't good at all, so ended up in the easier attainable Polytechnic in SG.

    Although so, i still feel the same way as i felt before, i don't know how to face people. My friends say everyone is nice, just open up and be friends, it'll be perfect. But honestly, i failed to experience that. :(
    Till now, i'm still struggling! So let's work hard together okay. Don't worry about being a private candidates, you still have the fair chance with students in secondary schools because you pay more & it's still under MOE. For university would be another saying, if your diploma is not government recognized, then when you compare it'll be tougher.

    Jiayou!! :)

  6. Why does you have to go to see the principal? And wad trouble did you make?

  7. i didn't know that you quit school..
    but nevertheless, since you've thought through and made your decision... i hope you will continue to work hard for it!

    being brought up in the rigid education system, i really admired your courage to go on a different path.

    home schooling has proven many successes over the past years so i'm sure you can attain good results with strong and firm determination!

    Do well and make everyone who think that you can't make it drop jaws!

    PS: buy and do ALL the question in TYS! that will improve your results tremendously