Saturday 7 May 2011

Combining Bottom Lash !

People have been talking about how to customise your own upper lash.
How to combine 2/3/5 lashes together to get the drama look.

Hmmmmms, how about combining bottom lashes?
Will your bottom lash look too dramatic?

Here goes your answer !

*Was using Mezaik Eyelid tool, spot it !

I've combined my Dollywink 05 with some Korean Lashes I got from Hikari(Wan Qi).

The reason why is because I look weird when there's only one piece at the back, and Dollywink 05 may be too natural looking at some time.

I've decided to combine them to look like this :

Then the end result was that I look like this, which I love this look alot :

This is also suitable for the megane look where you want the focus to be at the bottom lash
after you've put on the glasses :

This picture is also my entry for Miyake's give away contest !

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Thanks all, how you all have fun customising your own bottom lashes too !

Byeeeeee ~


  1. thanks for your tips,I'll try customizing my own lashes next time ^^

  2. Hi (: I have some instocks. My staff will reply your e-mail soon.

  3. freggin act chio bui chio sia...

  4. cool! shall try it next time! XD thanks for the tips!
    you look cute here! haha

  5. are you still hosting the dollywink spree? would like to order :D

  6. umm hon, i've dropped you an email regarding the dolly wink lashes!
    i need them quite urgently on 21st may for my photoshoot.
    and do you still have any candy doll lipsticks? :x