Friday 6 May 2011

A day at Cineleisure ~

Tadaaaaa ~
I'm blogging now. Yeah, finally.

Went to Cineleisure to take Neoprints and worked there a while ago.
The shop's name is called Pretty in Tokyo.
*Cawaii Koohii's assignment (I didnt change jobs)

#Interesting fact:
Neoprints are actually called Purikura in Japan.
The reason why it's Puri-Kura is because this word came from : Print Club.
Purinto-Kurabo !

Cool right?! (:

Okays, I went into the machines to take pictures too.
Kaori-chan was there tooooooo ~

On that day, customers could take pictures with me for an additional $5 charge on top of the original charge of $11-12 !

I only had 1 customer who walked in to take pictures with me !
Super disappointed !
But I was really happy as that guy actually chose to laminate it up too !
This shows how much he treasures that picture ! LOL.

That's all for today's post !

I will post up more soooooooon ~ Love ya.


  1. hahahaha fail. one person!!! 

  2. Wah! You're super cute! I love the way you do your lashes! <3

  3. eh the purikura looks so nice ><
    do you remember which machine you took it at?
    sometimes when i take purikura the pics cant turn out as bright as yours
    maybe cos i can't read the japanese instruction.
    always picking the 3rd setting assuming it's the brightening one xD