Monday 2 May 2011

Dinner: Fermented Tofu !

Hi allllll ~

I have been sick for like weeks already, still not on the way to recovering.
Still coughing like mad !

People lose weight when they are sick, I gained weight when I'm sick.

I realised I eat a lot more than usual when I'm ill, I keep coughing, food tastes bland (tasteless) and I still ended up eating more.

I couldnt resist to the temptation of Fermented Tofu and therefore, I headed down to Geylang to have some with my Aunt (Uncle's Wife).

(As I'm blogging now, I'm coughing like mad, my lung part hurts like mad)
*For your info: I haven't seen a doctor yet ):

-Start of food post-

 In this picture, I'm holding the Fermented Tofu !

Oh, and by the way, 
I really recommend this place for 1st timers who wants to try Fermented Tofu (aka Smelly Tofu).


795 Geylang Road Singapore 389678
5mins walk from Payar Lebar MRT Circle line's exit 

The tofu here is not too smelly for 1st timers to consume (:

This was the 1st place I went to have the Tofu and fell in love with.

We ordered loads and loads of foood ~ !

-End of food post-

Yesyesyes, I've been sick and not resting well.
Now I'm wanting to change my hair colour with Lise (:

I know I dont look sick above due to my make-up
My aunt refuse to let me post her pictures thats why it's all me ! =/

I've left my camera at Cawaii Koohii last Friday and haven't got a chance to post.
I havent got it back so pictures were taken from my aunt's mobile phone.

That's all for now. Will be blogging once I'm done with my reviews as I hardly have time and energy to blog about it.

Byebye readers, I love you all <3


  1. nice eye makeup :)
    Speedy recovery!!

  2. Hi, What is the top lashes you're using :)

  3. Dye ur hair again? LOL..
    Rest more and drink plenty of water =)

  4. yeaaaah!! =DD i going hk soon. i go hk see got or not first k >.<

  5. hi :) wat lashes r u using?

  6. went to the cafe first time today. quite like the vanilla latte yum!

    will visit again before i leave SG for good.

    oh, and you look like you have recovered well. ( or at least you didn't look sick hehe)

  7. went by the cafe for the first time today. Love the vanilla latte Yum!

    i think u were making some concoction in a big tumbler/dripper thingy? wonder what is that..

    anyhoo, will visit again soonish before i leave SG for good.

    Keep up the good work :)

  8. erm.. sitting somewhere near the entrance? table 2 i tink. i went late(8pm-ish) so was only there for a while.

  9. waaah , i dun dare eat ! >.<
    Gws !

  10. You'r cute. ;3