Monday 23 May 2011

Hairstyle of the week !

Why hairstyle of the "week" ?

Hehe, I guess many of you are the same as me.
I just can't keep liking a hairstyle for a long period of time.
I tend to change colour, change my way of curling/straightening my hair or change my way of tying my hair up.

But, I don't really care whats the IN hairstyle though !!!
I only care what hairstyle makes me fall in love with them ( >.< )

Basically now I'm loving this Bun-ed up hairstyle which I name it "Barluku".

Barluku is a fruit,
very very big and round fruit found in asia and the language for the name this fruit I used is Hokkien.

Always when we hit our head and grew a bump, we will say "I have a barluku on my head".

& That's where the name of the hairstyle I like now come from.
*as it resembles the cartoon's bump on the head.

Hahaha !

Do you all love this style too?
If yes, please comment !

Kiyomi Lim.


  1. cute :3 o love this hairstyle pretty much, too *-* unfortunately i don't have bangs so i can't create a lot of cool hairstyles i'd like to >.<""""


  2. Really cute hair ^__^
    I have short hair and saving mad to get back my long hair.


  3. =D actually my hair is not that long as well!

  4. without bangs you also can create many nice hair style other than bangs ! other than that, you can also buy bangs wigs ! (: