Tuesday 5 July 2011

Candy Doll Compact Powder 01 Review


 Hi all ~ 
Today I am going to review for the Candy Doll’s Compact Powder which was launched not long ago in Japan!
*I'm using the compact powder in all the pictures in this post

I find the original packaging quite boring, so I bedazzled it! Nice?

-Shall begin the review-

Pressed Powder or 2-way Cake?!

1st of all, when I have received my item, I thought that is was a pressed powder as when I opened the packaging, the powder ‘looks’ kind of loose and powdery. 
Then my friend, Chelsea, told me that it’s a 2-way cake and not a pressed powder when she touched the center of powder foundation.
*So therefore, the Candy Doll Compact Powder is a 2-way Cake not pressed powder.

How is the coverage of this 2-way Cake?

I can say that the coverage is actually not bad, the good thing is that it doesn’t flake on dry or peeling skin.
(it will flake if you apply without wetting your finger on that spot, if it flakes just put on some water)

This powder foundation will also give a very ‘Mattish’ look. 
Sometimes, we might be worried like will this powder foundation ‘over power’ and make our face loose the natural radiance, and sadly my answer is yes.
However, when used with a good make-up base/primer, this can be prevented.

Does it cover/conceals redness?

 My answer to this is yes. It relatively conceals redness very very well (:
*as you can see from the above pic of my finger with a dap of the compact powder
You don’t have to worry when you have a pimple that haven’t matured and having a red spot on your face, this compact powder DOES cover it.
However, the effect is not ultimately lasting under the hot sun(when you’re perspiring like crazy).
-Effects may last for only 30mins(which I think it’s not bad)
Another example is when you have redness at your nose area or lips area, this also conceals it well.

Does it control perspiration/sweat well?

*This picture is taken(with flash) after 1 hour under the humid weather in Singapore without air-con and touch up.

 Yes, it actually controls sweat quite well. (E.g. nose sweat)
However, frequent touch up is needed and it doesn’t prevent 100% of the perspiration.

Does it fade off easily? 

Nopenope !
It can last for at least 1 hour under the hot sun while you’re perspiring like crazy (like you just took a bath).

Does it conceal large pores?

Yes, but you may need to use a small brush to do it.

Does it trigger sensitive skin?

Nope ! Like I said, I'm a perfect test for people with sensitive skin.
I have really sensitive skin. So if I can use, you can use too !

Do I need to wet the sponge to get above effect?

Nope, normal sponge will do. I personally don’t prefer using wet sponges. 

Does it suit people with medium skin tone? 

The 01 shade only suit people with light - medium skin tone!

I hope this review helps you all understand the Candy Doll’s Compact Powder more! 

You can get this make-up base from:
*They ship internationally and also their shipping fee is really cheap!

For other questions, you all can ask me through my formspring or comment below or facebook page!

Thank you ! See you !

*all above is written 100% by Kiyomi Lim, please have the courtesy not to steal it.


  1. Hi :)
    I want to ask..
    Do you think that this powder ffoundation is better than candy doll mineral powder?
    I have an oily skin and blemish..
    I'm confusing to choose between that..
    Thank you :)

  2. Mineral Powder is not for coverage! It's for setting your skin to mattify it. So buy powder foundation!

  3. What contact lens you're wearing? so prettyyyyyyyyy :)!

  4. Hi, do you apply bb cream or any other cream as base on your naked skin before using the compact powder? What bb cream/base/foundation would you recommend for sensitive skin, medium skin tone? :)

  5. After applying the dr.g brightening balm, do you just use water to wash it off? :)