Sunday 3 July 2011

My views on Blogging (Re-Publish 2014)

Hi all.

This will be my last blog post on 'views' for the week already.

I have packed Monday to Friday with Reviews, Anime not-to-be missed and Givaway update.

Teaser :
Monday - Candy Doll Compact Powder (Make-up Review)
Tuesday - Fuwarie (Hair Product Review)
Wednesday - Eastern Restaurant (Food Review)
Thursday - Anime not-to-be missed (Anime Review and Download)
Friday - Giveaway Update !

Then for all my Saturday and Sundays, 
it will be on my personal view on things in life.

*psst, psst.... My next Monday-Friday is packed too...

Okays, nvm. Let me continue to my post before I start ranting !
 *Then I won't be able to stop Zzz

How many of you owns a blog ? =D
(I can imagine many of my readers raising hands ! Hahhaha)

I'm gonna talk about my views on Blogging today ~

To me, blogging is sharing.
Sharing everything we experienced that is useful in life !

Useful as in like, help others have a clearer picture of what they really want !
(I read blogs to do so too ! To find out what I really needed.)

Why do I blog about my views in life?!

When I blog about my views in life, I feel like I am sharing my feelings and letting people know what I have experienced to let me have this kind of view-point.

I blog my views to let people know how others(me/I) feel about certain things that may differ to their view.
*I view other people's blog to see too. It helps a lot in communication !

Why do I do reviews?!

I blog reviews to share with others what I think of certain products and why I love/hate them.

I believe this may help some people to make decision in what they really want to buy/have.

Do you all know that blogging is TIRING ?!
Blogging is damned it tiring.
*It's super duper tiring

-off point-

Some people can say that blogging is a hobby...
Some people say that full-time bloggers have 'easy-life', all they have to do is just type and take pictures...
Some say that blogging is like a personal diary....
Some say that blogging is to waste time...
Some say they love blogging but don't know why...
Some blog just to gain fame...
Some blog for money...

For me, I blog for MYSELF AND YOU.

Myself, I love to share 
You, for you to read and know. 

-back to point-

Do you guys know how damn tiring blogging is?

If you just take your blog as a diary,
who the hell will go and read it if you are not pretty or you are not a celebrity in the 1st place.

If you take blogging as a hobby,
will you be willing to spend up to 6 hours just to make a blog post?

If you want to gain fame,
perhabs you would just give up already.

Some readers of other blogs (my friends) told me that they think that blogging is just taking a few pictures in life, then post them up, and start typing.

They don't bother reading blogs at all.

I confronted them straight.
*I was damned super pissed...

Do you all know why I was really pissed off?

Sometimes I can spend up to 6 hours / 8 hours / even days just to plan and make a post.

And some people who knows that I have already blogged, just ignored it?

Ok, and if you don't believe a blog post need up to 4 hours MINIMUM to type, 

let me break down for you.

1st hour - type draft
2nd hour - take pictures (at least 1.5 hour)
3rd hour - still taking pictures
4th hour - complete editing the pictures and post them up on the blog and check the post for mistakes.

*sometimes bloggers have typo, not because they didn't check, but they just missed it out.

Imagine what if we made a video?
E.g. Set-up ringlight, tripod, angle, table, make-up.

OMG right?!

I've actually spent more than 6 hours for a post just to make a video post.

Imagine readers expect a post like, every single day, you as a blogger will be as tired as a cow.
(or even more tired than a cow)

Why do I still blog since blogging is so tiring as I said?

Becauseeeee, of you guys. All of you reading my blog.

My viewership is what's that's keeping me on.

It's the thing that makes me want to work harder.

I want more viewers as I want my blog posts to be more appreciated since I've spent so much time on it.

I want my readers to stay with me because I want them to read my blog constantly to appreciate what I have been doing as well as to know happening that they might not have known.

Seriously, I feel quite hurt when I see people 'unliking' my facebook page.

Why is that so?!

Because I feel like, they have stopped reading my blog.
They think that I am not working hard enough to give them what they need by viewing my blog.

When I see my viewership drop sometimes, I feel like, am I not working hard enough.

I am constantly improving myself.

& Yesyesyes ! I am getting more and more desperate.

Is it because I'm a fame-seeking whore?!
I don't know. I actually don't know why am I so desperate to keep my readers.

It's not me at all.
*Maybe it's because I've really put in too much hard work into blogging.

How many of you bloggers/readers agrees with me?

That's all for this long long wordy post.

okok, last question :

What are you guy's perspective on blogging?

Please comment ! (:

P.S. I always say that I love my readers, I love you all. I'm not lying. I really love you all for appreciating me and keeping me going on. You all make my everyday by viewing my blog. I just simply love you all. I don't really know how to express this but I love you all

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