Friday 8 July 2011


Are you looking for a marketer for your business?
Or are you looking for a marketing company to market your business?
Or do you own a business and wants to know more about the latest trend in Marketing techniques?

I believe in Singapore's market, there will be many many SMEs out there looking for marketers or needs to market their business.

Reason being :
Singapore have loads of SMEs that might not WANT/afford to have their very own marketing team in their business/company.

So here comes the Marketing company's job !

So now I am going to tell you all about FlauntSG.
*you might not have a business now, but in the future, you also may need them for some reasons ! Don't close your page just yet !


Are you a blogger? 
Do you want to "market" yourself?

Or even, if you already have a lot of readers, do you want deals?
e.g. would you like to receive sponsorships and everything as a blogger?

Here is your answer !

FlauntSG !

Here is FlauntSG's website :
Here is FlantSG's Facebook Page :
Here is FlauntSG's Official Blog :

Go and 'Like' them, Visit them !

You may even become a very very famous blogger under their help,
your business may prosper like never before with them with you.

Marketing is really important ! 

Let me tell you my experience as a blogger.

Thanks to FlauntSG, I do not need to makan instant noodles at home but indulge in a sumptious meal 
@ Eastern Restaurant ! 

So what are you waiting for?

Like their page now !  =D

Oh wait !

And they will be having a workshop soon.

Click to read at the original size.

If you wanna know more about what's marketing and what's IN in the marketing world,
join their workshop at only SGD$99.

Seee yah ~

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