Thursday 7 July 2011

Eastern Restaurant @ Centrepoint !

Hi all,
I have a strong feeling that all of you are gonna hate me now as you are reading my blog.


Because I'm gonna make you hungry and crave for Eastern Foood ~


(With Dennis from FlauntSG
I went to Makan-Makan (eat-eat) at Eastern Restaurant with some other bloggers,
invited by FlauntSG(read the post below to know more about FlauntSG).

I love fooooood ~ 
That explains why I'm so fat !

Basically all their food are wonderful.

 (The one at the center is HPlity's author !
(The one on the [mirror image] right is William!

Here to share some food that we've eaten :

This one is really sweet and cruchy ! It's better than those ordinary duck rice's duck! This one's more tender!

Ok, this prawn thingy looks like salad right?! But it's NOT! Hahha, the prawn is warm and is really fresh! I love this dish a lot!

This XLB hahah, is really really filled with soup and MUST MUST be eaten hot! The best thing is that it's only $4 for 3! You definitely won't regret it.

This chicken soup is very nice! And it's gigantic ! If you go with your family members, it's best to order this !
This Wanton with Hot Chilli Sauce is not exactly as spicy as you think it is by the look. It's really nice and very 'slippery'. I love it to the max! I'll definitely order it again when I visit the 3rd time!

Zzz. I love the scrambed egg la ! ): Really crave for it! It's to be eaten with vinegar. The egg is really really JUST-NICE and tender, it's warm and 'juicy-soupy' =/

Hmmmmm, I was too full to enjoy this dish though! But I still love the sweet sweet taste and crispy crispy outer layer of this bun !!

Ohoh, this is super special, I love it. It's sweet and salty at the same time, it's a dessert. The filling is really flowing out la! Hahahah. Plus plus, the outer layer is really soft but chewy at the same time!

Teehee, hungry now ?

If you ever were to go somewhere at centrepoint, why not stop by?
*Or even if you are not near there, drive/train/bus/walk there!

How to go?

I'll teach you how to walk there !

1st, go down the stairs at the entrance of Centrepoint
2nd, walk all the way straight after see-ing seven eleven
3rd, go up the escalator
4th, walk all the way straight till you see the back of the other escalator
5th, turn left and you will see eastern restaurant.

Yayyyy, then you shall go makan happily there !

I will go again, so you might even happen to see me !!

(With Dennis, the boss &


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Their FB Page :

That's all for now ! Bye-bye


  1. YUMMY IN MY TUMMY! food is amazing.. i love Shanghainese Dumplings...especially when you bite into it and all the soup inside comes out.. *slurp!