Thursday 28 July 2011

Food Intro : Old Town White Coffee

Ok, I'm not really 100% trying to promote their food or anything !

Basically if you are at Far East Plaza, why not just sit in and have a coffee?

Because the Ya Kun is always packed unless you would want to just have a take away !

However, the toast is no where near Ya Kun's standard though !

But still quite Yummy and Swallowable ~

I swear.

Can you even find Ice Blended in Ya Kun?!

The white coffee blend is like, quite aromatic and "strong".

If you don't like strong coffee, 
I won't recommend it to you though.

Just wanna blog about this place because it's quite hard to find a 
suitable air-coned place to sit down and talk !

Here's not a bad idea afterall !

That's all for now !

Bye-bye !

*P.S. I am kind of excited because tomorrow's my 3rd year 4th month monthversary with my boyyyfriend ! =D


  1. ICE COFFEEEEE!! And supermega-congratulations with your 3year+4months anniversary ^___^ xx

  2. How is the service of Old Town White Coffee in Singapore. Their service here in Malaysia sucks big time even though the company's HQ is here. sigh