Friday 29 July 2011

Food Intro : Indori Restaurant

This Indori Restaurant is located at River View Hotel Level 3.
You can go there by taking a bus, bus no. 64, from Douby Ghaut MRT Station.

Indori Restaurant

-Warning: Going off point-

Basically, when we (boyfriend,me,bf's bro) were on our way to our sumptious buffet, 
we totally spent 30mins to look for how to go there.


Because SOMEONE (my bf's bro) told us that it's bus number 65 !
(it's supposed to be 64. LOL.)

We macham explored the whole Douby Ghaut la ~

Then we keep looking for a 65 that will go to river view hotel which we will never find it because it's the freaking wrong bus number that we are looking for !

-Back to main topic-

Mushroom in Teriyaki Sauce ! Loves.

Ebi Tempuraaa ~
idk the name for this ! it's complimentary !
Pork/Chicken Katsudon ~

This buffet cost around SGD40++ per person?
(which is super duper expensive in my stand point Zzz)

The reason why I went there though it's expensive because...

my boyfriend's brother said that it's just $12 more than Sake Sushi !
*For him laaaa ~ Cause he's not a STUDENT anymore.

Assorted Sashimi ~ Tuna + Hamachi + Salmon !

Ok, I don't deny that the Sashimi is really goood ~

While their Udon is the worst Zzz.
(The BEST Udon I had is at Genki Sushi)

In case you all don't know, my fav. Japanese food is their Noodles and not Sushi.
*I don't care if you want to know or not!

I've got super high expectation for noodles !
*Therefore, their udon is no nice in my point of view.

Ok, that's all for now.

To get back home, 
just take bus number 64 from the hotel's entrance and alight at Douby Ghaut MRT Station.

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  1. oh no! it's 4am here in the philippines and i'm craving for japanese food! waaaah! the sushi looks so yummy kiyomi!