Wednesday 6 July 2011


こんばんは~ みんな!

Today I am going to blog about products from Fuwarie ~
(it's from Kracie! and it's a series for prostyle!)

(OMG, that's Jun Komori ! Spot her !)

Yesyes ! This product have just launched in Singapore! But it's in Japan since 2009!

Eternity Inter-Trade Singapore e-mailed me telling me that they are going to launch it in Singapore !

It's already available at Watsons
& BHG (Bugis&Clementi!)

I bet some of you have even seen it in shelves already.
(I'm very sure Bishan's Watsons have it, just checked !)

*psssssst, I actually have a (how-to) video for this post but it turned out horrible so I've deleted it!

Hahahah ~ End of my introduction !

-Start of my Review-

1. Fuwarie's Prostyle Curly Styling Mist (4.5/5)
*pssssst, I haven's found a 5/5 yet, so this is currently the best!

I've been using it for quite some time now ! =D
I'm actually very very satisfied with the results I always get with it.

-This thing really smells nice!
(But your hair doensn't smell as nice after applying it though, but the good thing is that there won't be odour!)

-This product protects my hair and prevent's my hair from being 'burnt' by my hair styling tools!
(I'm serious, I can feel it 'protecting' my hair)

When sprayed on, till slightly damp then I start using hair styling tools, 
I can feel as if I am not 'ironing' my own hair. 
It feels like there's a layer there protecting my hair from being damaged !

-This product keeps curls on all-day-long !

I've tried many products and they are always weren't as good as this product. 
Reason is because they always goes off the end of the day.

Or even, when I tried some products that will hold on till the end of the day, 
it's always quite sticky and uncomfortable with an unpleasent smell!

This Fuwarie product keeps hair in place and keeps curls bouncy all day long.
*Though, your hair might be easily tangled using this product. But it is still better than load of products out there.

-After using this product, you can't completely comb through your hair without difficulty.
(This is the only problem I have faced with this product!)

-This product makes Ash Coloured hair 'Asher' and Blonde Colour hair 'Blonder'.
(Surprisingly, the dark yellowish part of my Ash is much lightened with this product!)

2. Fuwarie Soft Arrange Jam (4/5)

-It is non-sticky !
*But it hardens your hair quite a lot, it's better used on 'curly-curls' than on bob curls !

-Too much(so apply lesser!) of it make's your hair stone ! But, it's for strong hold you see....
(Kinda expected!!)

-It's smells nice !

-It's easy to apply, very smooth ! This product can also be applied on Braids/Pleats to keep them in place !
*As sometimes your pleats/braids might have strands of hair coming out!

It held my hair so strong that I only needed 2 clips from this hairstyle! Usually I use ZILLIONS of clips!

The BEST thing about this is ....
It styles your hair while repairing and moisturising it at the same time!

-End of review-

Ok, you all should try it out if you like curls like a gyaru OR if you like ashy ashy / blondy blondy hair colour !

Okok ! It's available at WATSONS outlets ! 

Go grab them ok ?


*I shall buy the straightening mist to try it out the next time !

Bye-bye !

*Credits to Eternity Inter-Trade (Singapore) Pte Ltd
*The products I'm using above, Hairstyling Mist SGD12.90 , Arrange Jam SGD12.90