Monday 1 August 2011

Fashion Hooks !

Hmmms, Fashion Hooks contacted me to model for them quite some time ago…
then I agreed… then I went for the shoot recently lo…

LOL, to know more about it hor, visit Cynthia(the owner of fashion hooks) ‘s Blog here :

Basically, after the shoot, we ate then we talk nonsense, then we become friends lo.
Simple or not? LOL.

Ok, then hor, I added her on MSN, so she say she packing to go flea randomly,
then I randomly told her I wanna go help her la!

Haha, cool what, cause look’s kind of fun! Hahaha.

Ok, then I met her on that day lo, at the flea at Scape,

it’s like kind of like, like.. likeeeeee… 

But never the less, I’m still a very very good promoter la! Hahaha!
*I won’t lose mannnzxzxzxz, chiong sales then can go eat! (I feel like a glutton)

I sold many many rings lo, the happy thingy is….

*flattered ttm ! (But I like ~~~ )

Then I also tried many many rings that she was selling there on my fingers and fell in love with them!

I seriously found out SOMETHING damn interesting about RINGS la!

You know ah, rings actually make your short fingers look longer and too-long fingers look shorter?!
And who don’t want their finger to look longer if their finger is short!
Or who don’t want their finger to look shorter if it’s too-long?
Or EVEN who don’t wanna be fashionable !

"I love facebook, how about you?"
White and Black Facebook Ring. I love it ! So nice ! It's not available at Fashion Hooks' site 
so please e-mail her if you want it ! (1 piece only)

I tell you, I am totally in love with the rings, can DIE FOR THEM.
I even made damn nice ring combinations laaaaa ~ !
Check it out yo ~

Bling bling cutie combination 

Thumb : Facebook Round Big Blue Ring (1 stock only) E-mail Fashion Hooks regarding it! It's not on the website! 

Index Finger : Black Ribbon Polka Ring with Mini bling bling in the middle.  

Middle Finger : The Blue Ver. of the same ring as the Index Finger

4th Finger : Bling Bling Bear Bear Ringgggg ~ It's damn cute and one of the best selling at the flea! It's not the last piece but Cynthia havent uploaded the ring on Fashion Hook's site. So e-mail her for it ok? 

Last Finger : Sweet bow ring !
Simple and sweet !

Facebook <3 Combination!
White and Black Facebook Ring. I love it ! So nice ! It's not available at Fashion Hooks' site 
so please e-mail her if you want it ! (1 piece only)

Do you remember I was raving about the very very cute furry furry pom pom ribbon ring?!
I've got it already! Loves max !

If you like it too, 

Oh yah, and hor, not that I want to say ALL the people who goes to the flea la,
but some really damn cheapo leh.

Summore Cynthia tell me before I reach hor,

"got 1 GAYYYY-looking and GAYYY-action type of guy bought ring from her lo",

He was like, “I don’t really like it already leh, can I get a refund?”
If it’s you what will you reply him la.

Lucky Cynthia didn’t refund ~ HAHAHA, 
she damn fierce and dao to customers la!

Then another cheapo stuffs that I encountered there hor,
got some CHEENA people keep asking for discount la!

$15 I say no discount, they say $10 la, I say NO, they say $12, I say NO $13, she say NO $10.
*in the end she didn't even buy and walk away la. Zzz

Then also got a lot of people run away after hearing the price la,
it’s already freaking cheap for brand new can?!

You cannot compare us with those selling pre-loved what?! 
LOL, compare what shyt manzxzxzxz.
*Okok, I shall chill.

But the lucky us still manage to cover cost for the FLEA ~~~ Yipeee !
& we are kind of like happpppy with the earnings la !
Then so in the endddddd ~ We’ve decided to go and eat.

OK, then we totally spent almost 1 hour to think of where to eat and where to go after the flea la ~
We called and asked Qiu Xia and Felicia along cause we wanna eat more variety of stuffs.
*you know hor, usually you wanna eat ahuge variety of stuffs you really need to SHARE what…

In the end, Qiu Xia not free cause she need to wake up early the next day so she cannot go with us lo.
But she was the one who came up of the idea of going to newton to eat seafood lo.
*she mei kou fu (no mouth luck) meaning: no luck to eat good food! Hahah.

I totally sticked the lashes and done the make-up for her!
*I stick the lashes on for her damn fast (5seconds each eye) , so I'm claimed to be damn pro at it!

Ok, then we pack up at 9pm then waited for Cabbby then we sat in the TAXI for 1 hour because Cynthia has to go home to put her stuffs 1st!
*cannot expect her to carry all the flea stuffs to eat maaaaa.

Totally nonsense happened in the cab, to know more, 

Ok, then I totally forgot that it’s the 7th month 1st day!
(some Chinese belief… + I’m being totally no link here)

See below regarding where to get the bag ! =DD

Hahaha, ok. Then we went to eat at Newton.
THE FOOD IS SUPERB, we totally *jaw dropped*.
(I know I totally always make you guys hate me due to food -_____- Zzz –kill me)

so we had BBQ Sting Ray, BBQ Chicken Wing, Gong Gong (Some snail thingy), Chilli Kang Kong 
AND last but not least…. Sugar Caneeeee ~

Ok, here goes one very typical Singaporean thingy?
Cynthia says, Eat BBQ Sting Ray must go with BBQ Chicken wing ma. LOL.
I totally can’t see the link but it perhaps comes in a “set”?! LOL.

Hahaha, ok nvm. 
That’s all for the newton thingy and flea thingy.

Now, I wanna talk about Fashion Hook’s new launchhhhhh!

I am the official model with Qiu Xia for this Fashion Hook’s collection !
Damn honoured ! Hahaha.

There are like damn so many "favourite pieces" that I like la.
*I understand the definition for favourite is only 1 but I CMI la! Too nice already! I have too many favourites already!

See see (this is not all, only those that I like) :

I just love the studddddds~ Cannot resist! I'm a stud lover! You can get it HERE
This is my butt ): LOL *Shy

It's just freaking nice ok, so casual and the length is just-nice! Get it HERE

PREEEEEEENTS ! =D Nice, I love the back cutting ! Sexaye and Classy ! Gosh, who won't love this~ Match it with a blazer to look classy and remove the blazer to bring out your sexiness when you enter a restaurant and grab all the attention to you! Get it HERE

Simple and Sexaaaaaye, I like ~ ! Hahaha.

I think I don't need to you anything about this piece, DONT YOU LOVE IT TOO?! Grab it now!

Translucent Black Meshhhhy Top ! I like, sexaye and sweet at the same time!

Oversized and easily matching top isn't it ! =D

I swear I love the POKER inspiration ~ So unique yet casual !

Love the matching Leopard Ribbon with Mustard coloured base!

Play boy pocket yeahhh?!

Freak la! All damn nice right?!
OMG, I totally love it !

& Cynthia is damn nice to sponsor me 3 items for this post! =D

My favourite shorts ! *Mentioned above!

Pom Pom ringgggg ~


REALLY, you can match it with ANY kind of shirt !

I really really love this kind of casual shorts la!
PLUS, it’s not too long or not too short ! Just nice ~ ! And sleek and stylish too la!

Totally loves!
So what are you waiting for?! GO AND SHOP AT FASHION HOOKS TODAY !

& Not to forget, 
Fashion Hooks also have a official fan page here on facebook :

Go and ‘like’ them and receive the latest update !
*plus they do not spam or tag people or annoy people on their facebook page!

So ’like’ them ok?!

I hope you all enjoyed this post !
I really enjoyed typing so many words though! Hahaha.


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