Sunday 7 August 2011

How to look slimmer for 1 day !

Hmmm, usually we would like to look "slimmer" for just one event at time right?!

Like sometimes we just want to go for a photoshoot or something then we need to look paticularly slim for that day la.

If you really want to slim down you can't really rely on this method lo.

So I'm gonna share with you all my "secret recipe" to look slimmer for just one day!
*This method only lessens Oedema.

So here it goes,
(This method includes 2 days of preparation)

1st day, drink 2.5 litres of water ! (500ml for 4-5 times)
2nd day, do not drink more than 1 litre of water !
3rd day, you will look slimmer than the 1st day (:

Really, it seriously works ! If you don't believe you are welcome to try !

I'll be updating next on :
My #Fail Orchard Experience Part 1 =D

See ya ~


  1. this is interesting! I shall try!

  2. Thanks! I needed this for my upcoming photoshoot! much appreciated :)