Saturday 6 August 2011

Shop Online? Retail? Overseas? Flea Market?

Ok, so it's like I'm gonna blog about what I feel about shopping ! =D

Basically I think that there are 4 "places" where I will consider to go shopping at.

Online, Retail, Overseas, Flea Market.

So I'm gonna cover what I think about them today la ! Hope you all will enjoy reading a wordy wordy post !

So here I go !

1. Online Shopping !

My receipt from Popular Bookstore

Seriously lor, I even shop for stationaries online -____-
Summore, I chose the most pathetic option of delivery, SELF-COLLECTION.

It's most PATHETIC because you wanna shop online because you are lazy to walk to the shop/ go shopping right, then if you still choose SELF-COLLECTION obviously it's damn pathetic cause you will still have to walk there la. So it totally beats the point of online shopping.

BUT HOR, I STILL chose it la, reason being I think shipping/home delivery is kind of expensive for stationaries! So I must well go collect it from J8's popular bookstore when it's ready for collection. I feel that, at least I save the time for digging the bookstore to find the items I want la. The bookstore is like so big and hard to look for the items I want lo.

But basically, I shop online out of my laziness in this case la.
(I swear I got the urge to pay SGD6 to ask them to deliver to my place lor)

Next is, I will shop online for cosmetics ONLY from SHOPONBLOG!!!!!
*Same reason, it's out of my laziness la.

But why ONLY Shoponblog right?! Because I don't trust other blogshops la.
Like what if they sell FAKE cosmetics and spoil my skin, WTH, I will die manzxzxzx. My skin is important ok!!!! Especially the products will be used on my FACE la.

 And why I choose Shoponblog right?! 
Because ah, they are a REGISTERED BUSINESS. I can like sue them to FEED ME the rest of my life la, provided if anything happen to me face! Their cosmetics are like all registered with HSA one lor.

I seriously don't trust those blogshops out there saying they sell cosmetics, like damn er xin can, I won't dare to use lo.
Especially when they are selling the cosmetics at WAY-TOO-CHEAP prices la!
*Damn scarey, like, how can such branded cosmetics be so cheap?!

I shop online for CLOTHES la, be it livejournal or blogger or webstore.
BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, I will only shop for clothes that have been modelled by LOCAL models lo.

Because locals are all about the same size la, like, at least we know if the clothes suits Asians ma.

One example is Fashion Hooks la, not that I keep on trying to push their blogshop or what or they pay me more or because I know the owner la. It's like, the clothes are really modelled by LOCAL models what.... LOL.

Plus their clothes are all up to standard with good quality lo.

Pros : You don't have to go walk walk walk just to find the item that you want. Also, when you are shopping for clothes, you can just look at how the model look in them to decide without having to try on and everything.

Cons : Size problems, hard to determine credibility at times !

2. Retail !

Ok, this one is one of those that I seldom do, however I still will shop in retail stores.

Top from Cotton On, p.s. eyelash slightly came off on my eye.

I visit Cotton on for Normal Casual Wear !
Because they have standard T-shirts which Blogshops/Webstores lack !

Webstores/online shops seldom sell those clothes like if you just want to go out without make-up to the market place or when you just wanna hide in the normal market crowd !
Online stores/webstores usually sell more "stand-out" clothes compared to retails like Cotton on.

Top from Fred Perry !

Another retail kind of shop I will visit is Fred Perry ! I love Fred Perry ! One thing is that they make casual wear so classy. I love their price. Haha. I love guy's T-shirt from there as I love wearing loose cut Tees ! Not only that, I like their unique style for girls dinner wear as well.

You know, some times when you just want to wear some branded/ more expensive clothes to bring out the "not-so-stingy" look, you can just wear some Fred Perry that you own out ! =D So Fred Perry is LOVED.
*Summore, Fred Perry is not THAT expensive, it's a affordable and known fashion brand!

Pros : You can 100% get ORIGINAL BRANDS without being cheated, they sell more casual wear than online stores.

Cons : Have to specially go out just to buy a item you really want, however, it can be done when you are out with some friends for lunch/dinner.

3. Overseas Shopping

Seriously, I rather buy from Blogshops/Online stores than going overseas.

But overseas don't seem to be a bad choice la, it's like, at least you get cheaper clothes while having a break from working/studying life.

Overall it's good to go overseas for chillout and shopping but if you just wanna go overseas to buy clothes and fly back, I think that beats the purpose right?

4. Flea Market

You can obviously catch some good deals in the flea ! =D
*I HATE flea market at times because it's just too hot ! OMG.

Flea Market can allow you to determine the quality of good almost immediately by touching the materials la !

But back to point is that it's too hot and squeezy. But clothes may be WAY CHEAPER than some online stores/blogshops. Blogshops may also attend flea markets and charge at lower prices !

Pros : Cheap deals

Cons : Hot and squeeeeeezy ! Plus, have to specially head out for a flea. LOL.


OMG, so hard to fill it with my "out of point" pictures. Hhahaha. Nvm la.

Stay tuned to my next post ah ~ !!!!
It will be on how to look SLIMMER for just 1 day !


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