Tuesday 16 August 2011

One long post for the Sweeeeties !

 *Please click on ALL of my Nuffang Ads!! Tyty (:

 1st thing of all, I am going to update you all about the FUWARIE'S upcoming event at Ngee Ann City !

It will be on 20th and 21st of August(this weekend) from 1-8pm !
*This weekend is gonna be so packed with programmes! I like!

I will be there on the 20th of August Saturday from 5pm onwards 
and Fuwarie's hairstylist would create a look for me there!

Come and see me ok? =DDD

There'll be special promotions for Fuwarie's items on Saturday too!

2nd this of all, Shoponblog and Fashion Hooks will be collaborating of a Shopping Spree this Saturday too!

Where(I will be there..... HAHAH super BHB, no la, kidding) prices will be slashed at Fashion Hooks' Home-Boutique.
This will be the ONLY time Shoponblog will lower their prices for shoppers so,
DON'T WAIT visit them on Saturday any time between 1-7.30pm !

Click you are attending here if you are!
Address and details all here : http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=242153669158542

-I will be there from 1pm-3.55pm&7pm onwards!

Rush rush rush ! So many deals this Saturday with MEEEE !
*It's Fuwarie and Shoponblog with Fashion Hooks ! Eggggcited?! I am laaaa ~

Ok, since now I am talking about Saturdays, I am going to show you last last week's Saturday's happenings which I didn't show you guys yet!


Hhahaha, here's the mini video :

Funny isn't it !

Okok, and also, I met up with some of my readers last Tuesday ! =DDD
*Ee Eng, Joyce, Grace !
-I wasn't very happy that day as many readers didnt come last min! 8 reduced to 3 T-T

Although we didn't really spend a lot of time together(some stuffs cropped up), we still had loads of fun!

My readers are such CHIO GIRLS. OMG, seriously when I saw them,
something told me, "wahseh, you tio own already" T-T !
*they are really super pretty alright?! I can run away liao, they can take over my blog, plus they very cute also!

Joyce : http://kyuuketsuki-hime.blogspot.com/

Rum Rasin with Marshmallow !

Rum Rasin with M&M

Then we took Polaroids at Marble Slab as I ate ice cream with pretty Grace!
*The marble slab's waiter really #FAIL take untill got 2 big spaces!!! See below and you will understand! Zzz

It looks so much better without that spoilt picture!

Plus, we all Zhi-Lian-ed (take pictures of ourselves)

Grace and Joyce

Grace and me !

All 4 of us !

Grace and Ee Eng ! (they look like 2 dolls)

2 Dolls + 1 Extra imperfect human !

Then Ee Eng was like, like all "same face" like that, then we took fun shots!
*because all the pictures are smiling !

Then this happened :

This is the KellyKonomi Smile! Ee Eng asked us to do this because she say that we will look cute in it as I did it b4 with Kelly on my Blog!!!

Then I took pictures with Ee Eng and realised, WHY SHE SQUINT HER EYES SO SMALL !
*She got GIGANTIC CUTE eyes can?!

Then I asked her to open it!
*But it's only half open la! I can tell. Her eyes is DAMN HUGE.

Then I went off lo ! Like after 2 hours? LOL, like meet for what? right?

LOL, then I went to meet my boyfriend !
*Then no more pictures -____-

Next time I got outing you all better come! =P

Hahaha, anyway, I have millions and millions of scars and blemishes on my FACE!

I know you all wanna know how KIYOMI LIM look without make-up right?!
*Super BHB leh me, who interested in my no make-up face sia?! LOL

Here it is :

SEE HOW HORRIBLE? Need to change face already.... ):

I show you all AFTER make-up ok?

Here :

See THE difference?!

I seriously wouldnt dare to take pic of myself without make-up if it wasn't Cynthia's idea lo!

Haahahh, okok. I think that's all for now?

I will update again tomorrow ! You better read ahhhhh~



  1. You guys are so adorable ^o^ Good luck for your sales!
    p.s You guys look absolutely beautiful without make-up <3 please lets see more make-up-less faces :)

  2. Your Vlog super cute sia!! hahas

  3. The Vlog is nice, more pls... Haaaa Keep it up XD

  4. Hello Kiyomi Lim (: What color of contacts are you wearing in you before makeup and after makeup pictures? I love them!

  5. Super Barbie Bambi Series Brown! =D

  6. Is that the same as the princess mimi chocolate brown (tsubasa bambi series) ?