Friday 2 September 2011

[Cosme-Review: Melliesh All-In-One Loose Powder]

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Recently I have been using this Melliesh All-In-One Powder which is selling at SGD36.90 ONLY with FREE Shipping!

Haha. Yeah, the choice is yours whether to buy it online or not but that I think if you're like me, you would rather buy it online as you don't have to go all the way down to BHG or whatever to get it because sometimes you just dont wanna go down!

PLUS, BHG and John Little and everything only can let us buy cosmetics from the i-dont-know-whatever section. & the clothes there are not really suited for youngsters like us.

Oh, then back to my main topic, review for Melliesh All-In-One Loose Powder.

This thing comes with a brush that's made with GOAT'S HAIR.
*if you already have a brush, why not just keep it, it doesn't hurt to have another brush right? Haha!

Review on the brush that comes together :

Very very soft and gives an even finish, collects the powder well and sets on your face well (:

Unlike those SASA and DAISO brushes, SO HARD AND POKY,
I really hate them as they really hurts our faces!
*OMG, i actually compared SASA and DAISO together! LOL.

I really really like the idea that it comes with the brush as usually 
this kind of brush would already cost up to SGD30?!

So meaning the powder is only like, SGD6.90 !

Review on the Loose Powder :

The loose powder contains shimmer but not too much shimmer.

It's Talc, Paraben and Fragrance free! Yipeee, suitable for sensitive skin! =D

A little background story...
"I used to think that glittery stuffs on my face would make me look older so when I see, *it contains shimmer*, I would seriously AVOID that product thinking that it makes my face glow. LOL.
Which, now, when I come to think of it, how freaking wrong am I?
These shimmers actually makes your face radiant, however not too bright, still with the Matt looking finish."

Ok, but this Powder is indeed more shimmery as compared to CandyDoll's Make-up Base.
But less shimmery compared to CandyDoll's Precious Powder.

A little more comparison of CandyDoll and Melliesh Powders :

CandyDoll as compared to Melliesh gives a more doll-like finish as compared to Melliesh Powder.

Melliesh gives a more natural finish which wont make you look like a carved out doll but more of like,
a natural-looking human doll?

It really depends on what type of you would prefer as Melliesh is not as "light" or "whitish" as CandyDoll, instead it's more of Asian-Skin-Tone whereby our natural Asian Colour isn't changed.

Also, if you are not an Asian but a Caucasian, if you really want to "Gyaru" you also cannot look too whitish as you will not be able to achieve that look either!

Ok, lets go back to Melliesh.

Application: 5/5 Stars 
(Read below)

I have used Melliesh on a piece of Double-A Quality Paper,
to show you how fine the minerals are as well as the colour and shimmery particles(which is really fine).

As you can see, it sets really well as you can see my thumb print when I press on the Powder on the paper.

After blending the Powder on the paper, this is what you will see, it will be a very natural finish.

Lasting Effect : 5/5 stars

I have also tried using this powder and realised another thing that's really good thing about this powder,
by applying 3 layers of this powder with your 3 layers of foundation, this powder actually hold on to your make-up base and foundation to make-it won't fall off after 8 hours(without touch up) under the hot sun.

Overall Effect : 4.5/5 stars
-I will still have to say this powder is not suitable for people with OILY skin type,
so if you have oily skin, you will have to get CandyDoll's Loose Powder to keep your make-up for long hours.

General Info on Loose Powders :
-They gives your skin the FINAL finish where by your skin is toned using your loose powder to fit your skin tone.
-The loose powder is to KEEP your make-up on for Long Hours.
-Some powders like Melliesh All-In-One Powder can be used to conceal Acne Scars if used properly

(CandyDoll's Loose Powder can't do it).

-They conceals/reduce pores appearing.
-It gives you the Matt/Natural/Radiant finish that you want.

Some other information of the Melliesh All-In-One Powder :

"Multi purpose mineral face powder that will even out skintone, minimize the look of pores and also, conceal acne scarring!

It contains ultra fine glitter as well to prevent a dull mask like look even if used alot!
Includes a good quality brush with soft bristles.
Available in one shade to suit *most skin tones.
*Not recommended for ultra light skin tones.

 How to use: Tap the powder onto the cap, use the brush to collect the product and swivel the powder onto your face. Use more powder to achieve more coverage as this powder will definitely conceal acne scarring when use correctly."

That's all for now ! =D
*psst, and I have been using this for 3 days already and I'm still using it! =D

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